a long day, the transportation

Many years ago me and my dad rode from home in Rydal to my grandparents in Näsinge. 280km and we split it up in two days. On mtbs with rack and bags. It was far riding.

A couple of years ago I planned to ride the opposite way but to my dad’s new home in Mullsjö but got a flat on my tubulars so went by car 😉 And maybe it was good as I didn’t looked up the route so good.

Yesterday I did the ride, 262km with a route planned in Strava which made it easy to find 🙂 Didn’t start so good as my gear didn’t work properly, something with the wire as it worked better and better and after 20km it was all good 🙂 Rode the old E6 down to Dingle and even the wind was against me it was nice seeing those old places which we used to pass driving to my grandparents. After Dingle I just pedalled on, understanding why randonneurs got Clip-on bars 😉 checked my clock and found out I missed a road. Rode back and onto a small rode I never would have found myself.

Coming down to Uddevalla and passing the city it was time for the days longest climb, 2,5km uphill and onto a small road:


And it continued like that the last 20km to Trollhättan:


Met Henrik in Trollhättan who rode there from Jönköping and had a nice lunch along the water:


And then we rode on small roads in the middle of nowhere to Mullsjö. Good tempo and very little traffic.


After Solberga we got some gravel and we thought of that we never ridden together in Sweden after I moved from Huskvarna without having some gravel 🙂 Sportgrus as it’s called is really fun on roadbike, makes you more alert 🙂

The last 20km or so we got rain, not warm rain as on RAAS but cold and there was no talk about making the route longer and change something, both just thought about home 😉

I found home and it was really nice to come in, having a shower and laying in the sofa after my second longest ride so far. Great to ride far without bringing a lot of stuff and bags 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

A lot of Specialized news for 2016

Now starts Specializeds big Sales meeting in Austria for all European dealers. But before we get the news from them you can look here 😉 Some big news that hasn’t been shown before is the new Öhlins air rear damper, win-win on S-Works Enduro. The Elite gets Rock Shox Monarch, so no more Cane Creek. And then we have the Allez Sprint, Aeroalu. And a lot of new colours of course, have a look:

Specialized Allez 2016 Specialized Crux Diverge 2016 Specialized Epic 2016 Specialized Roubaix 2016 Specialized S-Works Enduro 2016 Specialized Shiv 2016 Specialized Tarmac 2016


click on the pictures to get them a little bigger.

There is also coming a new helmet between Prevail and Propero called Airnet. And back is light XC grips. It will be a good new year 😀