Le Peloton #52

Today I got the question of how long Le Peloton is riding, when the end of the season is. There is no end, just next ride.

But it differs in weather, in which riders that are coming and how many. Today we where around 15 (everyone not in the picture)


3 different groups, one fast, one not so fast and one CXgroup. I went with the not so fast group and had a good ride with a couple of hard times 😉 blaiming Christian in the middle of the picture in pink POChelmet of it 😉 But had fun and that was the purpose

Then I got breakfast:


With awesome people:


Then people seemed to have got jobs and things so everyone left early, and me too.

Map and stats: Strava

Ended up servicing my Candy pedals, like the way you can change the internals easy and get the feeling of a new pedal