The Blue Lightning! a.k.a Specialized Epic HT


With a borrowed stem and handlebar I finally could start my build today. Have been looking forward to this since first parts was ordered in November 🙂 My budget simple hardtail ended with getting the lightest mtb at work and start racing again. I’m a fan of innovation like the new style XC geometry with a bit slacker headangle while keeping it fast, Boost and of course I want a good damping fork. Wanted to build a light bike without the extra things you don’t really need like a super big cassette. Love the custom features of a Specialized S-Works crank (like Cannondale Hollowgram) and always dreamt of a set of Avid XX WC brakes.

My favorite color is blue.

It ended like this (just need to set up the right saddle height):


A black and blue Specialized Epic HT with a Fox 32 Stepcast fork. Sram 1×10 Sram X0 drivetrain with an S-Works crank with oval Garbaruk chainring.

Black and Blue as bottom and with some silver parts to lighten it up.



Pretty stoked over how it looks. And with a really heavy handlebar and just a plain stem I thought it would end up at 8,2kg.

But it is: 8,10kg 😀

Blue Lightning #3

This build took of with some speed today. Got a nice packaged with tires from Germany and the bike arrived 🙂

But first, the slowest part, brakes:



As I won’t be using Trigger shifter I went with the light thin clamps. And a pair of Sram XX World Cup brakes, has been a dream for a while. Really like the feel and the weight is just great. Not my lightest brakes but easier to work with compared to Formula R1 Racing.

Ordered rotors this evening and think I will change the titanium caliperbolts for blue alu ones 😉

My Crux 4 you

My cross season is over without a single cross race. But there is still time for you to race on a great raceready bike 😀


Specialized Crux E5 bought 16th September 2016 (same as 2017). Size 54
Specialized Expert alu bar 40cm
Specialized 90mm stem adjustable between 13° and 21°
Specialized original alu seatpost (not even mounted yet)
Specialized Toupe Expert saddle
Sram Force 1 brakes, levers and rear derailleur
Shimano 105 11-32 cassette
Shimano Dura-Ace chain
FSA SL-K BB30 crankset with a new 42t Sram Force1 chainring (not pictured)
Novatec 38mm carbon tubulars (1500g)
Challenge Grifo 33mm tubulars

If you want I can send you the Fabric bottle and bottle cage (on the picture) with.

Sold without pedals and under 8kg. Just add pedals and race

Price: 15000SEK for you my readers

The preparation for the big day/start of racing season

First race that I will race in tomorrow. So time for preparation and try to seem good when my shape is gone. After yesterdays loss of air and unable to get air in my tire I had to invest today. First time owning a tube in over 2 years 😉 And what a tube I’ve bought on Veloshop:


Didn’t have any super latex tubes and didn’t want to buy a light one as I will use this 26″ tube for 27,5″. So Continental 26 presta it is, getting my bike at least 120g heavier.

But will loose because of my training, not because of my super bike I think so no big worries. 😉 Giant Cup starts tomorrow and I’m on the startlist as number 730 in Men Elite. No other category for me who is under 30 years. So my plan is to keep away from getting lapped.

Giant Cup is a small local Cup here in Norway. Except that is a lot of good riders close to here so big change from the start fields in Continental Cup around Bergen where I lived before. 31 riders in Men Elite. Guess my place?

Next two races in the cup is also the first races of the National XC Cup in Norway starting next week. Exciting and here is a great promotion for it. Are you coming?

I nailed the Rock Garden!

What a ride. Thought of riding on Fløyen and got to ride with the best guy in Bergen if you want to train hard, my friend John. When riding with him it’s just to gear up and sprint, if you beat him once he will talk good about you for a very long time. But it’s hard as he is really fast. Had been sick and said he should take it easy today. Dropped me up Fløysvingene with his Rocky Mountain Vertex. I pedaled on in my tempo with 90% in heart rate. Met a common friend on the top so talking a bit before riding for the first singletrack.

Sticks’n’Stones with John is a nightmare as he usually disappears and I have to fight to every root and they are many. But I have trained, looked and learned. Today it was me and my bike fighting together and what a fight. Awesome and even passed John for a bit but he got a better track in the end so passed me. Coming out from the singletrack with 184 in heart rate and so wasted felt pretty good. I can ride hard even in technical terrain so no my techincal skills and physical skills is at the same level. Going up to Brushytten and then burning down. Almost rode out from the road when I found my 10t on the cassette while racing against John. Fast gravel with some parts with some rocks in, just to jump over 😉 Down and then up where John flew away again. He’s fast and my Liteville isn’t the fastest uphill. But coming up and starting Fløyen Rock Garden I thought of following John’s track as he’s much better than me. But in the middle he had to stop and I passed(!). And instead of having problems in the middle the bike worked for me and nailing the that was super fun! All smiles and riding on clouds afterwards, really love to manage new things. Love to letting the bike go and work for me, love knowing that I have control of it, love when it just works. 😀

A small dhtrack to Skomakardiket and then to Stand and deliver. Love that track but some wet roots today made me slow down a bit, my Racing Ralph doesn’t have the best grip on roots laying the wrong way but worked good and stayed on the bike. Down from Fløyen on some nice singletracks where it’s possible to ride and going home.

Home watching the bike:




Stravaride with some great personal records: Strava

And for the interest if you thinking of getting a 27,5″ bike like me. Rock Shox SID XX 100mm Tapered for 9mm QR is pretty light including some plastic:


Crossmark och X.0

Idag kom det fina fixarpaketet. Först ur var ett Maxxis Crossmark Exceptiondäck. Vägde in på fina 473g

Hade ett sedan innan så nu är träningshjulen helt klara till mtbn. Inköpsmässigt. Mavic Crossmax SLR med Sram PG-990 11-34kassett, Avid G3 160/140mm skivor, noname kolfiber/titansnabbkopplingar och Maxxis Crossmarkdäck. Just nu sitter det några rätt tråkiga Geaxslangar i men ska stansas när jag väl ska använda cykeln.

Sen plockade jag ur en 140mm XTR bromsskiva för vintercykeln men som nu kommer få åka till Cypern och tävlas med istället då en kompis skiva inte verkar komma i tid. Så den har jag inte vägt. Plockade även ut det kanske hetaste i år. Ett par skoöverdrag ifrån Mavic, gula och riktigt fina. Perfekt för att stila med och skydda skor men ändå visa att de är gula.

Sist men kanske viktigast var en Sram X.0 medium cage bakväxel. Hade beställt en ifrån 2007 då de var billigare men CRC har gjort fel eller så var de slut för i paketet låg en fin växel utav årets modell. Så slipper de 2 extra skruvarna på buren, lite hål i trissorna och titanfjäder och vajerskruv 🙂

Monterade den och fick korta ytterhöljet lite och kapat innerhöljet nu. Än så länge heldraget innerhölje. Någon som vet hur man snyggast och bäst kapar det eller ska jag behålla det heldraget? Fint blev det iaf även om jag än så länge inte monterat Powercordzvajrarna. Vill få allt rätt först.