Le Peloton #129

Red day, 2nd Le Peloton of 2017 and Le Mond talked about Waffles. 2h later start gathered many people even when the temperature showed -16° in the city:


My Assos jacket was amazing and my new Specialized Subzero gloves was a warm welcome 🙂

Everyone went together in the beginning but with Madde attacking. Me and Michael got up to her and passed, then we rode alone. Or Michael rode with me trying to hang on his wheel 😉 Really cold and when we came to Flaten it went colder, the others talked about -22°. Today was a record for me, never been riding in such cold before but went ok and my bike worked perfect.

Ended at Le Mond with waffles and people bragging about how hard they were:


Awesome start of a friday. And Bikecafé Le Mond is like a cycling café should be. Simple, welcome and good space for bikes 😀

Thanks to everyone who joined today. Colder than last year but still as happy people 😀

2h(?) saturday ride

That was the plan. Rode up to Cyclecafé Lemond and met Öjvind, Emil and Karim. Aimed south towards Älta and Tyresta. Was a pretty easy ride with some stops to wait in Karim who had been ill and hadn’t ridden his bike since october.

we found a nice road to Tyresta nationalpark looking like this when I tried to take a picture of Emil and Öjvind:

But it was a dead end, or just very icy gravelroad further and nothing I wanted to ride without studded tires. Went back and found a better road and with riding easy we decided to ride a bit further and enjoy. Rode down to Österhaninge and turned up again at Västerhaninge and back to Stockholm. The last part my body started to say it was tired but was great all ride with just a little sportsdrink and without food.

Back home the clock stopped at 3h23min effective time 😉 A bit further than planned but really nice ride and perfect length today for me. Started to snow in the end but we came home before it started to blow and snow more 🙂

Me today, first ride with my new helmet:

Map and stats: Movescount