Stockholm CX, Fidea Jaarmarktcross and USGP CX

The champs won todays CX race in Stockholm, Åsa Erlandsson in women and Magnus Darvell in mens race. But hard to follow live outside Stockholm.

A race that was easier to follow was Fidea Jaarmarktcross in Niel, Belgium with a cool course and muddy mud. So hard you had to have 11 gears to get to the podium today. Maybe that’s why Bart Wellens missed it and ended 4th before 2 french riders. Niels Albert won with a great attack on the last lap at the climb he failed some laps before. He had 22 gears. Second is my new favorite (missing Stybar) Bart Aernouts.

Never liked him when he rode for Rabobank but now riding for AA Drink Cyclocross Team he get’s some colour in the race and got nice style. Also I saw on this picture that he use just a single chainring, not so many pros doing that. But you can also see that he like the other podiumguys got the new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070.

Third was Sven Nys also with 22 gears. So podium full of new Dura-Ace Di2. Well done sponsoring and getting it fast on top 😉

Nikki Harris racing for Fidea won the womens race.

So ending with what’s coming up. USGP Cyclocross race at Derby City Cup. Will Jeremy Powers dominate and will Gabby Day take her first victory? Rapha showing it live for us: Rapha stream

CX training and found a course

After work today me and John took our SuperX bikes and looking for the perfect CXcourse in the centre of Bergen. First of to the park of Nordnes where we found a little but a bit to compact and small. Then Nygårdspark where it seemed really nice. Gravel, asphalt, a lot of grass, a hill, a couple of nice wooden bridges where you have to have good tires and a bit more. Came up with a course that seems pretty nice but not so long, around 750m (missed a part on my gps) and 3min in 80% speed. Nygårds CX on the Mapd and Graph for today: TrainingPeaks CX

It has a tree where you should run over, a water to ride around and over a wooden round bridge, maybe a stonepath if it’s not full of ducks and people. got an idiotic stair (tight and some running afterwards) and a climb that is just mad. Had to try it first just seeing it and thought, this will never be rideable. And it wasn’t in that place but we placed to course under a tree so a bit dryer and I got up once.

So now just gather some people and ride, and maybe get the course even longer (many possibilities). Also rode an extra part but was just along the water and then turning around. Except on the way from Nygårdpark we tried to ride on a small (too small) beach that ended with to even more wet cyclists that had to get out of the water. The beach was too small so had to ride in the water.

So even if it’s raining, is wet and not as warm as in Sweden or more south you can enjoy riding a bike here. Thanks John for that 🙂

Result of the the day, grassy brakes: