SUMO goes gravel

It should rain this morning and I was tired since yesterday, For a short while I thought of skipping the ride today and sleep instead. But then I thought again and thought I could drop if it gets too hard.

So tired when I left home I noticed I forgot my bottle after 10min, stopped at work and picked up a bottle I had there on the way. A noticeable difference riding with studded tires so I was a bit tight on time and as Jesper got a puncture when he and Michael was riding to Urban Deli I continued to Ektorp where everyone from different places would meet up.

Already leaving Ektorp I got dropped without being able to get up, ended up in 2 groups. After Skurubron and around Boo I said to Jesper who was the only one left that I was riding alone instead so he passed and got up to the others.


Michael waited for me and we rode together for a short bit and thought the others would wait at some point. They took a different route so after a couple of messages, a phonecall and some time we all got back together.


They convinced me not to ride alone and instead join them around Velamsund. I got convinced and thought I would go back home from Gustavsberg instead of riding out on Ingarö afterwards. Around Velamsund was really soft gravel and I thought everyone had a hard time, specially for us with ”thin” studded tires.

When coming out to the asphalt at Lagnövägen Claes proposed to go on a new route, a bit of adventuring. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea 😉 Until we turned off the asphalt and onto the grass, wet soaking soft grass that turned in to mud. Daniel dropped his wheel and bent his derailleur hanger making him and Peter turn. While the rest of us tried to get some kind of grip and trying to stop spinning and getting forward. Forward into the woods where grass turned into dirt and was just mud…

Ending the adventure part we got out to see Emil’s secret training at full speed.


We shook our heads and kept on moving


Gravel again and a bit of asphalt to Gustavsberg. Me and Oskar did the fast thing and turned right towards home as fast as the others couldn’t complain :p Took one detour but except that straight back. Alone from Ektorp where Oskar turned. Stopped at work washing my bike a bit until I rounded Södermalm with Linn and Maria that had been riding mtb. A nice city detour for me trying to get 3h without doing loops.

I didn’t get 3h but almost 😉 And after all happy to get out, even when my friends are fast they are friendly and it’s always nice to meet up with people and ride ”together”. Even when everyone seemed to have taken different routes today, best Strava Flyby :p

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #62


2 green bikes, 2 Jonas. Fridays Peloton was really wet and we only were 3 guys, Christian came a little later.

Jonas and Christian are fast and I’m not, but they are kind and waited for me. I got a really great training and my POC rainjacket really did it’s job.

Me and Christian at Le Mond, wasn’t so clean 😉


Let’s hope more people come and ride with us on wednesday. It’s epic 😉

Le Peloton #60


You know when you are a family. When you can tease, say ironic things but in the end care a lot about the others? When the most important thing is to eat breakfast together?

Le Peloton CX has become such a family. We can ride so fast the others can’t keep up, we can joke, we can be mean and feel that the others got to do some work too. But the small group is just awesome. The attacks by Calle, the pro Sara, the colourful Christian, the strong Magnus and me. Today in company by our own Patrik.

Breakfast with ”dad” Kalle:


Le Peloton is too early, too hard but it’s so worth it as the weeks hardest training and most deserved breakfast. And it’s a perfect place to grow as a cyclist with such great members.

Even in wet which made me use my rain jacket and what can be the worlds best bibs, Café du Cycliste Jeanne:


My water repellent fleece lined bibs fits like a glove but better and keeping me dry and warm in worst conditions.

The new light I tried was great but took a bit of time to get to know the buttons and functions. Great way to lighten up the darkness.

Map and stats: Strava