Which crankset for my Cannondale SuperSIX Evo?

Seems to have sold my old Super Record crankset 😉 and got to get a new one. A lighter one but still good looking and as good as the one I had so what should I get? What would fit nicely on my bike?



Options I come up with now:


1min longer, 0,2km/h higher pace

Rode around Arna with John A this morning. He’s fast as I not got the cadence or the power he has. Didn’t have the max either so just pushing this middleways feeling tired and slow. That’s how it can be. But a beautiful morning, great company and rode some more climbs than the usual ride, even when I dropped the last climb that is the hardest.

The good thing is the seatpost, feels really nice with some setback now, maybe lower it a mm and tilt it a bit more up but just very small adjustments. Ended the ride with riding Fjellveien which is a walking/cycling path going a bit over Bergen city centre with great views, no traffic lights and some gravel.

On the way down:

IMG_20130829_080350 IMG_20130829_080335


And if you don’t want all the stats at Movescount and just want to see where I rode and climbed you can watch it here:

map climbing

the odd and the perfect

Not feeling so good after my wound takes like forever to be good. Talked to the nurse today and will try to ride a bike next week or something. Seems like I won’t be able to have a normal life for a long long time 😦 Hoping God can make a big wonder so I can be happy, enjoy life and give some gorgeous ride reports from the beautiful country with landscape made for enjoying.

Until that I maybe can make up something good to blog about. Like some more pictures from the last world cup. The oddest but so cool BH Ultimate:

Representing a European racing bike. Not just the biggest brands, but showing off some cool sponsors and great colours.

But taking it a step up, or more. Because if you can say anything like the perfect bike I found the closest by racing bikes.

Alexandra Engens Ghost HTX Lector 29er. World champion stripes for extra class, 1×11 for clean and easy gearing (1×10 is good to, ask Absalon), AX-Lightness for the lightest and awesome rims and some other parts. Crank Brothers Candy 11 for a really light but still reliable pedals. Straight Engage bar without barends for new school control. Tubulars, always, no reason to not race with tubulars. Rock Shox Xloc, no slow wire, no ugly battery, no problems, just simple and fast. And you want some comfort too so Alexandra found the best saddle if you ask me (got 3 and thinking of one more) with Tune Komm-Vor. Tune it with some cool and light parts from Tune to get the bike look like it’s fast even when standing still and light as a feather as there are too many hard climbs out there. Ending with frame, the heart of the bike and a hardtail is the thing to race on for a rider with technical skills like Alexandra Engen or world champion friends Ralph Näf, Nino Schurter and Julie Bresset.

If you know a better world cup racing bike, you probably can find it in the photo album I found these two bikes in, here: MTB-News