The Nationals (cyclocross)

The big day today, my first Nationals and the biggest CX race in Sweden. I felt relaxed but was a bit nervous before the start and I know that I have a hard time pushing myself for a longer time than a sprint. As after the first lap and felt totally dead, had to slow down to survive. But if you look at my times I didn’t slow down so much and took some places as the race went on too.

All thanks to all the cheering! It’s always awesome to hear your name, that someone recognise you and today it was many 😀

So instead of explaining all the 48min I raced with 180 in average heart rate (second highest average I’ve had on a race) where my bike worked flawless and the love of tubulars came back. Instead I will share some pictures from people like Bang:

The winner, Jens Westergren:

And from Camilla:

And ending with a picture from Emil on a wasted me just before the finish. Thinking: Aero is everything:


Map and stats: Strava

After I finished it was time for the fast people, like Jenny Rissveds beating Emma Johansson:


Angelica Edvardsson 3rd. Nice people gathered:


And men elite with Matthias Wengelin winning on Specialized Crux Elite with Tune hubs, nice combo 😉 In front of Calle Friberg and Martin Eriksson:

DSC_1166 (1)

More pictures will come tomorrow. Now I will sleep instead 😉 Good night and hope to see you at Stora Skuggan tomorrow for the SWE Cup and UCI race 🙂

CX style

The small races are growing here in Norway and in Sweden. In Stockholm, Sweden they got this friendcross. Mostly in Swedish but interview with the winner in enlish:

And in Norway a new series has started. Superprestige Fornebu: