The champion is back! The christmasgift to Cyclocross

Some people you like more than others, some are better than other in certain things, some people you just miss when they leave. Cyclocross racing this year have been too belgian, too much Niels Albert vs Sven Nys. But the 22th december it all will be awesome and you can watch the best sport with the best racers again. Zdenek Stybar is back!!!

Even if it’s just for a short time he’s back. Planned race schedule for him is:

22/12 Essen

26/12 Heusden/Zolder

28/12 Loenhout

29/12 Bredene

30/12 Diegem

1/13 Baal

12/13 Stribro (Czech Republic national championship)

You can see and hear it by Stybar himself here:

And read about it on his website here: Zdenek Stybar

So plan your travelling, your live stream, tv, or what ever you can do to cheer on the best cyclocrosser so he will come back to the best sport.

Preparing for World Cup CX Roubaix

The livestream starts at 14.45 CET today here: Sports-Livez

Doesn’t seems so muddy but if you want to prepare on whats waiting you have to watch the three last laps 2010 on these two videos, CXracing as it should be with right winner: