The champion is back! The christmasgift to Cyclocross

Some people you like more than others, some are better than other in certain things, some people you just miss when they leave. Cyclocross racing this year have been too belgian, too much Niels Albert vs Sven Nys. But the 22th december it all will be awesome and you can watch the best sport with the best racers again. Zdenek Stybar is back!!!

Even if it’s just for a short time he’s back. Planned race schedule for him is:

22/12 Essen

26/12 Heusden/Zolder

28/12 Loenhout

29/12 Bredene

30/12 Diegem

1/13 Baal

12/13 Stribro (Czech Republic national championship)

You can see and hear it by Stybar himself here:

And read about it on his website here: Zdenek Stybar

So plan your travelling, your live stream, tv, or what ever you can do to cheer on the best cyclocrosser so he will come back to the best sport.

Preparing for World Cup CX Roubaix

The livestream starts at 14.45 CET today here: Sports-Livez

Doesn’t seems so muddy but if you want to prepare on whats waiting you have to watch the three last laps 2010 on these two videos, CXracing as it should be with right winner:

World Cup Koksijde

What happened to van Paassen? To far down when Katie Compton won today.

Then men elite with Magnus Darvell on top to the left here:


More up on the left side there was a big swedish flag too, Johan A and friends?

Honestly I fell a sleep in the sofa so missed the end but saw that Sven Nys did like usual and won in front of Niels Albert. Awesome racing in the beginning with Francis Mourey who is leading here above in front of Kevin Pauwels. Seemed like the Sunweb-Revor riders didn’t had found the power like Aernouts and many other when they didn’t ride the steep sandclimbs when they could.

1. Sven Nys – Landbouwkrediet – KDL

2. Niels Albert – BKCP-PowerPlus

3. Francis Mourey – FDJ BigMat

41. Magnus Darvell – Team Herbalife 24 Raumerittet

Here is a picture from the podium where Mourey showing Nys and Albert that a cycling cap is the thing to wear: cyclingnews

Women elite results:

1. Katie Compton – Trek Cyclocross Collective

2. Nikke Harris – Young Telenet-Fidea

3. Sanne Cant – Veldritacademie Enertherm – BKCP

6. Sanne van Paassen – Rabobank

20. Åsa Erlandsson

27. Angelica Edvardsson

CX World Cup Tabor

A bit late but had to much other things to do perfect for you who missed it. And one thing was clear last week, Rabobank riders in the mtb and CXteam is riding fast showing Rabobank that they should continue with mountain bike and CX sponsoring. Fabian Giger and Emil Lindgren in Malaysia and in Tabor the women elite finish looked like this:

Sanne van Paassen outsprints Katie Compton, really impressive to see van Paassen stepped up a bit this year and is starting to win the big races. When will the be Marianne Vos first second place after her? 😉 Highlights from womens race: Sporza

And in the men’s race, Lars van den Haar riding really strong to be his first elite year. Coming after Lars Boom and Zdenek Stybar that also impressed first year after U23. Hopefully we see van den Haar stay in CX and not disappear to road. If you missed the men elite race you can watch it here:

And if you don’t want to watch these to Belgian videos there is an english text with a lot of nice photos to read and see here: Cyclephotos