winter is here :)

A couple of minus, snow and a lot of wet salt roads. Cycling and talking about races, travels, bikes and food. then you know the winter is here. 4h 14min riding today, with 4 others, a calm 140 in average heart rate but with a max at 186 when I tried to attack on Roger up a hill.

Low average heart rate because it mostly looked like this:

Roger and Linea in the front and I’m behind someone testing my Mavic Infinity jacket in the winter. Linea with ”new” clothes representing here new team. With us was Tom, a new guy for me and the photographer and the guy arranging all this nice rides. Here you can see Petter in his new club clothes, going up to the second best looking clothes in Norway:

Back home I took a photo of my snowy but very good working winterhorse:

10,1kg (except snow and bottle) good bike. 🙂