She Rides weekend

You know when you have a weekend with a lot of biking planned and you start to loose the grip on a slippery grass corner and get a bit less skin on your hip? Then it’s good to not be alone and just feel sorry for yourself and instead enjoying to ride a bike with a beautiful girl like this:


and as a tribute to the day before I had Le Mond kit and we ended the ride with a coffee at bikecafé Le Mond:


Then we left for Rönneberga on Lidingö for a weekend planning the bright future of She Rides which is a great community for women cyclists in Sweden. Rode some mtb together too:


DSC_1096 DSC_1098

had a nice view:


and I used my new cool shoes I got from David, Patrik and Lisa in birthday present 🙂


After a nice sleep and some good breakfast and to learn about Prehab and Rehab from Access Rehab it was time for riding again. Today I got a bike in my size and a full suspension, Scott Spark 27,5″:

DSC_1104 DSC_1106 DSC_1110 12138555_10153077729357204_6129487312771882651_o 12074727_10153641592288427_3399057059350274689_n

Fun to try and haven’t ridden 27,5″ all year, felt small. Met the big guys (Johnnie and Andreas) and I got to try a 29+ Trek Stache a little, that’s big:

DSC_1109 DSC_1108

Great weekend with great people and a lot of fun 🙂 Specially to Jessica and Jaime:


Went back to Stockholm and packed and changed clothes to get the best end of the weekend. Was out with some friends and ate dinner together, Niklas missing in this blurry picture but thanks to Rille, Camilla and Linda and Niklas 🙂


2016 Specialized Venge ViAS

Now it’s released. The new Specialized Venge which can be can help you save time without any harder effort.

The two biggest things is the odd stem and handlebar that keeps together with just two bolts and have all wiring internal (not for mechanical gears)

The other thing is the brakes. Hidden but not as bad v-brakes just stuck behing the fork and under the chainstay. These go out quiet a bit:

Together with the new Evade GC skinsuit and an Evade (instead of Prevail) you can save 5min over 40km compared to a Tarmac with 40mm profile Roval wheels.

5min in 40km!!! If you ride around Vättern (300km) you’ll save around 40min. Like 20min in a regular road race. Try not to think about such big savings 😉

The coolest thing with the new Venge ViAS if you ask me is the front. I really like shapes of forks and I think they really got a good one with a clean transition from the beautiful frame on this:

To top this post with some real life Bikeradar has tested it together with McLaren:

This news is so much cooler than my cycling this morning that was great 🙂