The new Specialized Tarmac?


Dropped seatstays like Roubaix and Venge Vias. Seatclamp like Vias. Rear derailleur hanger and drop-outs like Vias. Direct Mount brakes. And a straight slim beautiful fork. Also said to be superlight, steeling technology from the superlight Epic HT

What do you think? And the question is when it will be released…

Sram Red eTap weights




The red plastic cover on the derailleurs are 3g, battery is 24g so 21g extra on those two.

Pictures are from Bikeradar where you can find a lot of more info on this. Not superlight derailleurs but think that you can drop the wires and frameparts for that which saves a bit 🙂


2016 Specialized Venge ViAS

Now it’s released. The new Specialized Venge which can be can help you save time without any harder effort.

The two biggest things is the odd stem and handlebar that keeps together with just two bolts and have all wiring internal (not for mechanical gears)

The other thing is the brakes. Hidden but not as bad v-brakes just stuck behing the fork and under the chainstay. These go out quiet a bit:

Together with the new Evade GC skinsuit and an Evade (instead of Prevail) you can save 5min over 40km compared to a Tarmac with 40mm profile Roval wheels.

5min in 40km!!! If you ride around Vättern (300km) you’ll save around 40min. Like 20min in a regular road race. Try not to think about such big savings 😉

The coolest thing with the new Venge ViAS if you ask me is the front. I really like shapes of forks and I think they really got a good one with a clean transition from the beautiful frame on this:

To top this post with some real life Bikeradar has tested it together with McLaren:

This news is so much cooler than my cycling this morning that was great 🙂

new Sram X.0 brakes

The existing X.0 brake with pad in contact adjustment is claimed to be 333g (front 160, PM) And is possible to tune some ;). Now they are getting rid of the pad in contact adjustment (anyone use it?)and saving som weight Sram XX World Cup style. 315g for the new:

And then the bigger news. Like they come with a new clutch Type 2 rear derailleur they now introduce X.0 Trail brake. A beefier brake with 4 pistons in a size a little smaller than Avid Code:

On the Trail brake they will continue to have the pad in contact adjustment on the lever:

And they also come with a new HS1 rotor. size 170 so you don’t have to choose just between 140, 160, 180 and 200 😉 The world of choices get’s bigger and more complicated. But maybe it’s good for us XCriders too. If someone wants a 180 in front they now can choose 170 instead. Stiffer, not as easy to smash and better looking if you ask me.

And to the last a great news. The new X.0 calipers (both normal and Trail) get rid of the tri-align. So straight on mount 😀

More about the new Lefty

A new protection down on the front:

But looks very prototypish. But behind it we can see some news. The lower part on the inner leg is round. The needle bearings is supposed to sit higher up in the fork. And like other forks Lefty now got a lip seal:

Seems like you can just unscrew it too, nice. That’s all I know about the new Lefty.

Other news is that Manuel Fumic was racing last weekend on some prototype wheels, look at the stripes holding the spokes here:

Sram MY2013 vs Shimano 11-speed

First a document from Shimano leaked out showing the ny Dura-ace 9000 comes with 11-speed and will come in august. Then another document came out showing all the part numbers:

And some text that shows that there will be a new crankset with 4-bolt and that they will stay with 24mm axle. More is they got a new Direct Mount brake that mounts with one bolt one each side like some tt-bikes have. The new STIs will be even smaller and it will be 38% easier to gear up to the bigger chainring on the crank. Will be a electronic group with harness like Ultegra Di2. The mechanical group will be 1908g, 67g lighter than D-A7900. And the will come two new mechanical disc brakes.

For this 11-speed you can’t use 10-speed hubs (not so good like Campagnolo) So Shimano is coming with some new wheels too. 75, 50 and 35mm in carbon fibre for tubular. 50, 35 and 24mm in alu/carbon for clincher. And 24mm for tubeless. This wheels will work with 10-speed group sets and Sram with a spacer. Hub spacing will remain 130mm.

Then off to the competitor. Sram Red as you seen little of in the video earlier today.

Good design as always but maybe not so huge news as everyone hoped. Sram will stay will 10-speed. But will make it better, lighter and stiffer. To start with a bad thing with todays Red, the cassette doesn’t work for CX or in mud. New cassette is like an XX but better, and an 11-28 Redcassette will be the same weight as todays 11-23.

The shifters will have a little bigger knob and you’re able to change a gel padding under the hoods if you want the shifters to be more comfortable. The best good news about this new Red group is the front derailleur. The one we can buy and use at the moment is crap with its weak titanium cage. And Sram listened and made the new one much better with a hole new movement to make the shifting the best and to don’t have to use this small steps to stop the chain from scratching. To make this hole thing better they also worked on the crankset. 4 visual arms and one bolt on the back of the crank arm, like Campagnolo. This with a more hollow carbon feature makes the new crankset lighter and stiffer.

And then it continues. The new brakes are getting changed from this normal dual-pivot and use a cam technology like Ciamillo uses. This is the normal brakes for the Red group. But they are also working on hydraulic rim brake and hydraulic disc brakes. Mostly on the rim brakes that maybe will be released from the beginning. Interesting.

But 10-speed, no electronic and still seems to use Double-tap, should we upgrade? The good thing with Sram is the weight. The new group set (probably with mechanical brakes) is said to be 250-280g lighter than todays Red. Like 1700g for the group. Impossible for Shimano and Campagnolo to beat?

And we will see if you have to come up with something new like Campagnolo EPS, or Shimano 11-speed to be good or if it’s enough with tweaking the things you have, with quick good shiftings, sleek look and an weight a couple of hundred grams lighter than the others to be the winning group set. Keep on fighting! What do you readers think about the three new group set or what do you wish from them?