Quality and Style, Fast and good looking

Cycling, specially on road is a very stylish sport where sometimes style is more important than training. And when people like Fritz, Katja and Elna blogging about clothes and I’m very interested in style, racing and things working really good. Have a friend who have sewn on pockets on his speedsuit to get more aero and ride faster on normal road races.

I’m also a big fan of women racing as you hopefully noticed and women are shaped a bit different the men. How many of haven’t ridden with a women where the jersey has moved upwards like this instead of sitting where it should?

Here is another example:

And no matter if you are a women or a man, you want your cycling clothes sitting in place, be comfortable and let you be able to go faster. And doesn’t all sponsors want to have their logo seen and looking good on a fit body?

But for road races a speedsuit isn’t so good, strange zipper on the front and no pocket for food and other things you want to carry with you.

There is a solution for Gracie Elwin, Anna van der Breggen and all of us others who want to ride faster, look better and have easy access to our rear pockets and be able to have zippers all upp or down all or a bit if it’s warm without looking strange. It should also be more comfortable as it’s all in one piece called: Bioracer Speedsuit Concept RR:

It’s a normal great jersey and bibs together. The front isn’t all together so is like a normal jersey when you drag open up the zipper. No bibs to irritate your nipples, no jersey going to far up but just pure performance made for cyclists that want to race a bit faster.

And yes I know the distributor of this in Norway but not earning anything on writing this. But love the product and maybe also would choose a club that had one before one that didn’t. Of course available for clubs/teams, here: Bioracer