What is green and yellow and flies through the forest?

That’s me with Yellow shoes, socks and helmet riding a light Grammo Pako. Joined CK Jarlsberg this evening and rode with their beginner group because I knew the other group will ride fast in the technical parts.

So was an easy ride with some sprints and really felt the difference between a 27,5″ and 29er with tight corners. Is even quicker with the stiff Lucy fork that almost is to easy to lift over things. After about an hour we stopped after a rocky descend and I said that it was hard. That was the moment when the others saw that I was riding a stiff fork and didn’t have any damping. Started to talk about that it wasn’t Birkebeinerittet (Worlds biggest Marathon race here in Norway, mostly on gravelroads). Had some problem with keeping the first wheel when it was a lot of roots but otherwise I learned a lot today. In the beginning it was hard but in the end it felt pretty nice 😀 1,6 bar in the tires helped some too 😉

So 2h nice riding with just one moment I had to help a guy fixing his bike after a crash where he’s rear wheel got loose 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

Grammo Pako Cerrol Edition

Today I finished this:

IMG_20140503_134358 IMG_20140503_134410

Total weight with the spacer tower that should be changed: 7,68kg

Frame: Grammo Pako 17″

Seatclamp: Tune Schraubwürger

Seatpost: Aerozine

Saddle: Tune Komm-Vor (of course)

Fork: Black Cat Bone Lucy #7

Steerer tube: MCFK Tapered

Headset: Ritchey Pro

Expander: Tune GumGum

Stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0

Handlebar: 3T Exsero Team Stealth

Grips: Extralite Hypergrips

Brakes: Sram X.0

Rotors: Ashima AiRotor 160mm with Ashima alu bolts

Hubs: Project321

Spokes: DT Revolution

Rims: B.O.R XMD333 27,5″

Rimtape: Tune White tape

Tires: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25″ with FRM sealant

QR: Tune U20 rear

Shifter: Sram XX1 Trigger

Rear Derailleur: Sram XX1

Cassette: Sram XX1

Chain: Sram XX1

Crankset: Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL with Carbon-Ti 34t X-Monoring

Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy 2TI

Bottle cage: Tune Wasserträger Uni

Tried it a short ride in the forest here nearby but with a bit loose headset, got to fix it until next ride tomorrow. Super cool with a stiff, fast small bike. 27,5″ is so much easier go get around with and more playful than a 29er. And a stiff fork, it’s so easy and you really don’t have to think about it. But it’s not so comfy on rocks or small stones either so a lot of bumping 😉 Tried a really tricky uphill and came a bit wrong in the beginning but managed to get up anyway, super impressed as it’s not just full speed straight up like with a 29er fs.

Found some nice singletrack too:

IMG_20140503_181124 IMG_20140503_181145 IMG_20140503_181206

So what do you think?

Up and the added stiffness

Was out training today again after work with 3 others. Intervals up a ”climb” was on the schedule but my first interval start when we got outside Tønsberg and Christopher found an extra gear and rode fast so was hard for me to hang on.

Came to Åsgårdstrang where the climb is, 1,9km and 83 altitude meters. The first 200meters is steep than it’s pretty flat but hard to go fast. Managed to beat my personal record with 24seconds the first time. Second time went really bad and I didn’t have motivation or legs to ride any harder. Said Thank you and left them to ride back home. Tailwind so went good, happy to ride with an average speed of 38,1km/h in 5,2km.

Map and stats: Movescount

Before all this I’ve tried to get my package from R2 bike. Is at the mail office but they got some computerproblem so can’t pay for it and get it out. Ended with that they are sending it here to Tønsberg instead of to my work as the post office here works. So hopefully I get it tomorrow or latest friday (holiday on thursday).

But put my Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm stem on the scale today, thought it would be heavier:


Also put the coolest fork I ever had on the scale:


613g Lefty, or Black cat Bone Lucy is nice. Will build it up stiff first to try. Then will use both this and my old lovely damped Lefty when I feel for it. 1 AM hardtail and 1 gravel racer in 1 bike is the plan 😀