Camberparts: Wheels

The latest in wheels is carbon rims. Said to be stiffer and stronger but not always lightest. Roval Control 29 Carbon is a work like that:

Both including 2Bliss tubeless ready rimstrip and valves. Compared to the pair of wheels that came with my bike. Roval Control 29. Same but with alu rims. A bit lighter but should also be a bit softer:

Probably with the including Specialized Ground Control tires. 2,3″ in front and 2,1″ rear:

Then I put the two tubes on the scale without a picture. 300g. When I stansed a pair of wheels for Matthias Wengelin I took the time to find out how much you save. 156g was the 140cl stans for two wheels. Then you have the valves but almost 140g saved is pretty much. And then you can use less stans if you got good tires.

Am really motivated to get this bike together (only missing fork) and have spring to test it for real 😀 Aiming for an awesome cyclingyear with many great moments 🙂

477g crankset for my Camber

Even if I’m getting a All mountain 29er with 110/120mm travel and dropper post I’m still a weightweenie. Always want to push the weight down as much I can afford. But I like cheap high-end lightweight parts. Find the little oldschool way to drop weight. Like bolts, tune parts and things that ends up with people doesn’t understand how my bike can be so light.

So for my Camber I used my old Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crankset with a 34T Absolute Black spiderless chainring:

With some spacers, ended up with 1g as this was a bit to wide:

And you can see that I got some spacers laying around for BB30 cranksets 😉

Also mounted a simple and clean Tune Schraubwürger seatclamp:

So at the moment my bike look like this:

Waiting for the fork and deciding how to do with wheels.

More weightsaving on different level tomorrow so stay tuned.

Camberparts + tuned XX1

Before I used Sram XX1 on my bike but this year I go a bit cheaper with Sram X1 that came with my new bike.

Cassette is the thing that gains the most weight:

Trigger with wire:

KMC X10 chain:

And the rear derailleur:

The derailleur isn’t so big difference in weight between XX1, X01 and X1. Check my earlier post with XX1 and X01: Sram X01

And to complete it a really tuned Sram XX1 derailleur by two German guys. Found it on Eliflaps blog

Mounted on a Specialized Stumpjumper ht:

New: Tune Türnstange

New year, new bar, same name but straight and no riser this year. Got it from Tune Sverige as last time. A 750mm Tune Türnstange shortened to 720mm:

Shortening it 3cm only saved 2g så really light bar 🙂 And great looking. It’s really hard to find a lighter and better handlebar for 1500SEK as this one costs too if you want to have a wider handlebar than 700mm.

And a picture of the new men U23 CX World Champion, Michael Vanthourenhout: