riding and cycling caps

Friday evening and no plans=bike riding. Rode with a friend in the sun this evening, great thing to ride a roadbike in good weather in the evening, almost as good as riding early in the morning. Only thing missing was a classic bike like the new one I’ve found. De Rosa Corum:

Steel, custom geo, Campagnolo. But is it classy enough to be compared with a Colnago C50?

Anyway, now Movescount is back on track and I can share a map and some stats to prove I’ve been riding today: Movescount

Cycling cap

Read a nice discussion a couple of minutes ago on cycling caps on the podium. Nowadays most riders use a baseball cap on the podium, wannabe baseball players? What do you think? OPQS with Tony Martin knows how it should be with a proper worn cycling cap:

First ride in Vestfold, Bergen style

Thought when I moved to Vestold in southeast of Norway that the weather should be good. So wrong I got. Today riding it was 3° and raining, so like a normal Bergen winter. First ride for a month so was hard but really nice to come out on the bike again and pedal for real. Rode out to the coast and north against Horten but never came so far.

Up a climb (yes there is climbs here too) in Åsgårdstrand I met another cyclist. Adrian who is riding for Team Fixit which is the new Continental Team (from what you think, Bergen). Rode with him to Bikeshop and a bit shorter ride than I had planned but was good as my legs didn’t like me after not riding for so long so great to start ”soft”. Interesting to see how Norways biggest bikeshop (on net) was in real. Won’t comment my thoughts but happy to not work there.

So rode some nice small roads on the way back to Tønsberg (almost wrote Bergen). Great with one who knows where to ride even that it seems much easier to find around here than around Bergen. Satisfied back home and have washed both me and my bike so ready for Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and to see Zdenek Stybar win his second race this year 😀

The ride today: Movescount

(thinking of switching to roadtires on my cx for next ride)

Laatste ronde: Fanafjellet

Was supposed to ride with Leif today and started so but after around 15min he punctured his rear tyre 😦 No extra tubular tire so pumped it up and turned around home. Would had been nice with two people on Chinese made Cannondale carbon frames, XX1 chainrings and 11-speed with handmade tires riding together with the best German saddles on the market 😉

Riding alone isn’t as fun, specially not when it’s pretty windy and you want a rider to hide behind sometimes. Rode out to Fana church and then to the wall. When I was at around 30m over the sea and the mountain in front of me is over 200m. 1,9km fight with 34-25 and I was up. Last time I rode up that way was on a light roadbike with Petter and Roger a perfect friday evening. That training was super.

Up on the top it looks like this looking back:

IMG_20140126_121016 IMG_20140126_121023


Then down on the other side. Think it’s the best way to ride. The way I rode from north is steeper but with great view and a bit shorter. Then cruising down the longer way is much nicer than ride and ride and ride up it. Rode all the way to the sea:



And then up the second climb of the day. Søvikvegen which is a pretty straight climb from the north, that is better from the south. Tried my brakes on the way down and Avid Shorty Ultimate is really working, specially with Campagnolo levers so you get good grip 🙂 Satisfied with that combo.

Came outside OS, ate a banana and turned back home the big road with a good cycling path. Cruising with 34-12 in the wind for a while until I came to Vallaheiane. The last climb of the day. Took it pretty easy up but got a personal record anyway, slow riding last time 😉

Then back home feeling a bit tired but satisfied with the ride even that I had to ride alone.

A fun thing today was that I climbed up Fanafjellet at 10min0sec which isn’t a super time with 35mm cx tires. The one with the record (riding for Team Joker) is Odd Christian Eiking at 5min1sec. Almost half the time, and then I think he had a heavier bike than me. Impressive. If you want to see where I rode and still not following me on Strava you can find it here: Movescount

wind+bad legs=like tailwind

Was thinking of going out to beautiful Skjelanger today but very windy outside and riding for over 2h back home in headwind wasn’t what my legs wanted. Maybe I will ride out there next sunday. The end is a small great road with great landscape surrounding. Really like to ride out there, only sad thing is that is the same way back home.

Today I rode to Åsane and out the the Nordhordaland bridge before going home a long the coast. Too windy sometimes so don’t think the forecast with 11m/s was so accurate, except the direction. Wind from east so after passing Åsane and going the long ”straight” road to the Nordhordaland bridge was awesome. Riding along with my heaviest gear 38-12 without pushing any limits and felt pretty good for a while. Stopped before Salhus and before my feelings changed too much to take a couple of photos. First the Nordhordaland bridge in the background of my SuperX, northern Europe’s longest floating bridge what I know:



and with me trying my new helmet and being warm in my Assos fuguJack 😉



Then the legs stood straight out, the wind loved me and I had to use my lightest gear more than once on my way back home. But when I came to Eidsvåg and should ride up it was great with tailwind again. Usually want to ride over 20km/h, today I was riding at 26km/h and that with 35mm CX tires with just 3bar in them 🙂

Back home checking Strava I saw that i was faster half a year ago. Rode the same ride at 6 in the morning with my Evo 12min faster. Not extremely much faster with 7-800g lighter bike, 20mm higher rims, 13mm slimmer tires and 12 tooths more on the crank. 😉 (using same cassette). The ride today: Movescount

New CX chainring

Last saturday I complained on a too small chainring on my Cannondale SuperX. 36t is great for XC but not for road cycling. Thanks to that a friend sent me a message if I wanted to buy his 38t. Of course I wanted as that was my plan before but didn’t prioritized it. So today he came by my work with this:



Like 11g heavier than my 36t, or around there. Anyone knows the weight of a 36t XX1 chainring? Will be great no matter for me, make it more usable. We’ll see when I try to ride with the pro’s again. Mounted on my Superbike:


Campagnolo Chorus rear derailleur

Today I collected my ”new” rear derailleur at the post office 🙂



Beautiful little part that went on my SuperX instead of the Super Record that goes back on my roadbike. So now almost complete Chorus gearing on my SuperX. Chorus levers, rear derailleur and cassette. 🙂 Great function for a great price, that’s Chorus.

Will put my SuperSIX Evo together this evening or tomorrow and show you that too. pretty light now.


A free sunday without much rain is perfect for riding a bike. Thought of riding around 3h with my SuperX today but when I woke up I didn’t feel for it all. So changed my mind as I was alone and rode the other way up to Hjortland to try a gravel road up in the mountains. Legs felt like crap without power but maybe my training shows why 😉 2 weeks since last bikeride.

Anyway, got up, even when it was hard standing and pressing all I could on 36-25 for a bit. Great with 34mm tires with grip then 😀 The road ended like this and I turned:

IMG_20131201_105038 IMG_20131201_105048


Back down and tried another way down to Åsane. Should go to make a proper CXcourse at Flaktveit school I think. Then home but going up Munkebotn to get some more training. Great power with my Avid Shorty Ultimate too, best cx brakes I’ve used. Specially with Campa levers that fits my short hands great.

Map and stats from today, with 45m to low altitude stats: Movescount

Totland with Leif and some CX

In Gothenburg it was like yesterday. Matthas Wengelin won the mens race and Angelica Edvardsson the womens. In the Benelux countries it wasn’t the same. Grote Prijs Mario de Clercq today with Sven Nys dominating in the mud while Tom Meeusen and Kevin Pauwels crashed hard:



Don’t know so much about the womens race except that Nikki Harris won and here is a picture from Cyclephotos:



Here in Bergen I was out riding my SuperX with Leif on his Merida 28er. Tuned my bike with some red today:



But the biggest tune was that I changed chainring. 42t is a bit hard when climbing with 12-25 cassette. Changed for a Experimental Prototype 36t ring instead which suited my Experimental Prototype chainguide nicely. Great combo with a 36t today and you can ride pretty fast with it too, maybe I’ll let it be on for next weekend too. 77g is it so probably a bit lighter than my FRM ring too, have to check tomorrow.

Great ride with some wrong ways, didn’t remember Klosterrittet all but got some nice training. And in perfect autumn weather. Here is a picture on the way back with a bit of Leif:


Stats and map here: Movescount

Rolling through Bergen city in this awesome weather with an empty stomach made me stop at Bryggen for an ice cream 🙂

IMG_20131013_145637 IMG_20131013_145655


Love to ride in the autumn. Think it’s even better than the summer here in Bergen. So beautiful colors.


CX time, Cannondale vs Allebike

Got my bike finished this evening. Not with right tires (or wheels) but ready for riding as my road bike missed its rear derailleur and crankset. Cannondale SuperX <6,3kg:



Also missing a nice chainguide that I’m waiting for a part for. And then less white but still tuned with yellow. Allebike’s new CX with discs at 7,3kg:



1kg more, disc brakes 1×10 Sram without need of chainguide. Yellow paint on the frame that got me in love and proper CXtires. Then the price, we don’t want to know what my bike would cost new so keeps it to the Allebike. With this awesome spec it’s just 22900SEK. Anyone wants to buy a SuperX so I can change? 😉