Pushing the industry and development forward is a key to success and to survive. Everyone knows a modern car is better than an old Ferrari F40 but the ones interested in cars would rather have an old F40 instead of an Audi R8.

Same with bikes. Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc is the best race bike according to me. Stiff, comfortable, light, good brakes and so on. Or a BH G7 which is an aerobike with disc brakes, all the latest technology.

But my dream has always been an older handmade frame from Europe with thin tubes, traditional geometry and of course a straight fork. Built with Campagnolo Record with a low profile wheelset like Campagnolo Nucleon and a classic bent handlebar. Of course cotton sidewalls on the tires. A true classic.

After selling of my Allez I got this:


A Colnago C40 from 2004. It may not be the best according to 2016 but it got soul and like Alfa Romeo says ”without hearts we are only machines”. There is something about this that a modern bike can’t make you feel. Like it’s some people that attracts us more than others even though they may not be models or even close.

This is an longterm project for me that started with a bit stress as I had to get this frame before someone else did. I just have the frame and a handlebar yet. So I will ride my Tarmac as it should be the best bike I built this season and maybe for a longer time. The Colnago won’t be superlight as it starts like this.



and frame with wrong headset and right bottom bracket cups:


This will be classy and it will get the worlds fastest tires 😀

7h27min left

Ridden 19h51min this month, 7h27min to beat my Strava record 😉 There you can see how much I ride. Rode 8h28min in March and nothing in February.

Nice today when I got a message from a friend about riding after work. Took the bus home, pumped the tires, changed clothes and then out on the bike 🙂 2h37min soft riding with Joachim and Bent:


2 with Campagnolo and 1 with Shimano 🙂 Dreaming about more Campagnolo and better availability.

Great roads to ride on around Tønsberg and feels like I’m riding on new roads every time even without riding so far. Hoping to make some nice long rides this season and enjoying life on a bike. Thought of that today with a lot of talking and thought of my friend Henrik. Have to be my best friend to have on a long ride, can talk about everything and a great cyclist.

Map and stats of the ride: Movescount

KMC X__SL chain is getting better, time for upgrade

Used KMC X10SL for some years now on different cassettes and gearing like 2×9, 1×9, 2×10, 1×10, 2×10 Campagnolo. Working perfect. Seems to have a good life too as I am having a hard time to wear down my Recon alucassette. So for us who like light bikes and then light cassettes that costs to much. Then KMC is helping us more. At work converted to euro we take 450€ for a Campagnolo Super Record cassette, you should care about a chain used with such expensive cassette.

KMC have strengthen their chainpins to hold even better. Saying they get double life time from it now. Also getting better outer plates for even better shifting. Stamped XX on the new X2.0 chains so you know it’s the upgraded and not the old ones.

This is for X11SL, X10SL and X9SL

After work ride

Started a bit (5min) earlier today and went 5min earlier to get out in time. Met a friend outside work, Lina, and we steered our Cannondale towards the sun and Askøy. Seemed pretty dark over Bergen but sunny on Askøy. Perfect to ride after work and just think about other things than forks, spiders and which bikes that are left for the day. And so much better to ride a bike than sitting inside looking at some frenchmen stealing a jersey.

So a nice ride in the evening on some gorgeous small roads that this time was much sunnier and drier than last time (was raining).

Map and Graph here: TrainingPeaks Askøy

And when I came home my mum called and said she bought a frame for me. Kind mum I got. Should look like this:

9 days until I get it and you can see real pictures, know the real weight and see some nice smileys. 🙂


färdiglimmat och lättningsdrömmarna fortsätter

Jupp, idag kletade jag klart med limmet. Måste lära mig limma snyggt eller få reda på knepet tror jag. Hoppas det blev bra iaf och att de sitter fast bra vilket jag tror de kommer göra. Racern såg riktigt fin ut med hjulen på, kanske får ni se en bild på den imorrn. Enligt min badrumsvåg väger den in på 6,3kg vilket borde stämma då den fortfarande saknar pedaler. När cyklarna är klara ska jag rulla in till Öster Cykel och väga de kompletta på riktig våg. För att bevisa att jag inte räknat fel, glömt något eller använt en massa glädjesiffror. En lite tråkig siffra men som man inte ska tumma på var iaf limmet till mtbdäcken. 45g slutade det på.

Men drömmarna fortsätter och lär kanske aldrig sluta. Iaf inte för mtbn som jag gillar mest. Min bakväxel som än så länge enbart är lättade med en aluskruv finns det planer för. Huruvida jag sätter de i verket eller inte får vi se, kostar ju och långt till nästa målvikt. Bakdelen av buren är i alu, men finns att köpa i kolfiber. En kompis länkade till Fibre Lyte innan som säljer sådana till bra pris och bra vikt. Finns för de flesta växlar och i antingen vanlig lätt variant eller ww-variant beroende på hur mycket man vågar.

Till Sram X.0 medium cage ser den ut så här:

7g och med ett pris på £18,9