Changed wheels yesterday and did Morningspins this morning. 18 riders and I was the only one with disc brakes. in the middle of Rapha 12Hills we were in a group of 5, 3 with disc brakes.

I started with discs on road last year with a Specialized Crux. Changed it for a Specialized Diverge over the winter and wanted it on road. Riding my Tarmac with Sram discs is the best I’ve ever done. No matter if I’m going slow in a bunch, fast descending in France, if it’s dry or raining. There isn’t a single time I wanted rimbrakes but there has been so many times I’m happy with discs. Much smoother than a carbon rim, stronger and love Sram’s modulation.

Road.cc wrote an article about the 10 hottest bikes for 2017. Just 2 bikes with rimbrakes. Discs are the future.


the beauty of winterriding

After discussing yesterday it ended with cafériding today, uncommon roads with fun people. Me and Emile rode to Brommaplan with some obstacles:

Met up with Jimmie, Isabella, Emil and Karim.

Started in the wrong direction but then we got right on things and headed towards islands, castles, singletrack and white beauty.

But already at Nockeybridge Emil and Karim got problems riding in the snow and turned around. Meanwhile Dan caught us. Isabella and Jimmie got a bit after and Isabella dropped. We took a longer way at one place and Jimmie rode with Isabella after we caught her.

So we ended up with 4 riders, 3 strong ones and me. In a funny winter landscape. Strange weather as our glasses froze so had to take the ice off them at some times and our clothes got icy too. Rode on small roads, found a great singletrack and had a good time laughing at my bike that was collecting all snow, should ride with fenders?

A collection of pictures today:

Back home after a little over 4h of riding and pretty tired. Sara went hard on the back to the mainland so had to suffer a bit. These rides are what builds the hardness towards spring and summer. A ride to remember.

Map and stats: Strava

under the pro-top

Some bikes are just better looking than others. No matter much I hoped for Kessiakoff last years Tour but Vocklers Colnago C59 with Campagnolo Hyperon wheels was soo much better looking.

This year Astana got the parts to run over Voeckler and others. Campagnolo Super Record EPS and sad to say but Corima Viva MCC is really good looking:

Hard to beat but after last years Sram dominance Campagnolo have found some ground again and showing that you can’t forget the most classy brand. AG2R-La Mondiale rides with Campagnolo EPS too, and with new Fi’zi:k components topping it with Fulcrum wheels and frame matching blue:

The two best looking bikes in the top this year. But which one is best looking? (more not as good looking Pro team bikes here: Cyclingtips) But it happening things in the U.K. getting the drool coming. Europcar styled bikes but with more clear colour, more Boras and a new team. The women Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling Team:

69608_10151441025455429_923131860_n 312324_10151441025535429_436796638_n


Colnago C59 Team Edition frames, Campagnolo Super Record EPS (groupset of the year?), Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two, Deda stem, seatpost and handlebars (Alanera on the bike above) and Fi’zi:k seat, bar tape and shoes. And is it a new Alanera with classic bend?

I was hoping for Emma Johansson’s Orica-IAM to succeed this year and love to see Marianne Vos attack and win but Scott and Giant with Shimano can’t be compared to these Colnagos. Classy bike, classy kit and some really fast riders. Let’s hope for a big improvement in the broadcasting of womens road cycling this year. Hear a Wiggle Honda rider bang in some extra gears with a click, hear the swosch swisch from the Boras and see the smile on the rider attacking with such a nice Colnago. 

Until the dreams come true we can watch a video from their Team launch:

different frames or same frame?

Here is the bikes. Kyklos and Ritte Bosberg. Is it the same frame with different color or is it two different frames? Meaning mold, model so size and this isn’t one frame that has been repainted so you don’t think that. Both frames around 900g and has BB30 crankset:

So come on and give me your answer. If anything is unclear or you want to comment one of the frames, write a comment and give some life to my blog. Thanks

Sram Apex

Idag var jag seriös och följde med ut och gick. Efter lite mer än halva så började det göra rätt ont i högra hälen och lite senare ännu ondare och även lite i vänstra. Slutet var ont och när jag kom tillbaks till stugan och skulle byta om för att äta frukost så såg det inte speciellt bra ut. Högra hälen hade det varit en blåsa som spruckit och såg rätt ont ut och på vänstra hälen så hade bara lite hud veckat ihop sig och låg och tryckte. Vagabond boots var inte bra att gå i helt enkelt. Satte på ett plåster och gick upp till andra stugan för att äta frukost och byta skor.

Bytte sen om till skidkläder och tvingade på mig pjäxorna med lite smärta, spände åt de lite extra så foten skulle sitta helt fast men när jag gick ner för trappan utanför dörren gick det inte. Gav upp och fick bli en vilodag idag istället för att läka mina onda sår.

Därför läste jag en hel del på weightweenies och hittade att Sram kommer släppa en ny lvggrupp i oktober. En grupp för att konkurrera med Shimano 105 och med andra ord lite enklare/billigare än Rival. Kanske något för alla som kör finare Sramgrupper på sommaren att ha på sin vintercross med.