Tuned Lefty, saved 133g

I had a Cannondale Lefty Speed XLR that came with my bike. 1393g including ti-bolts. Then I talked to Headshok-Willy (Larry in Europe) it was possible to change the outer leg to Carbon fibre to save weight. He could do it and after a couple of e-mails I sent my fork to the Netherlands. Then they screwed up and e-mailed wrong person so had to wait almost 3 weeks until they fixed it. But today I got it back 😀 Old leg:

New fork including new needle beerings and a full service. Maybe with Air tuning kit too, haven’t checked.

And then on my scale:

So dropped 133g and became better looking. 😀 Mounted on my nice bike that misses crankarms:

And a picture on the front:

After I mounted the crankarms that should come tomorrow the bike is under 7,3kg 😀 Maybe I should change the forkboot to a nicer one if I find and feels like I have to change rear derailleur. To use a long cage with double or single ring is a bit of a fail. But but, works for now.

en lätt Flash

Såg lite bilder på denna igår. Grymt fin cykel som inte bara ser grym ut utan lär fungera bra också. Sadelstolpe/sadeln är Schmolke TLO som sitter ihop med en Tune Speedneedle, seriös ihopgjutning. Eller vad sägs om AX-Lightness styrstam och styre:

Stod på Eurobike som världens lättaste cykel (tänkte på mtb även om det inte stod). Väger 5977,8g. Någon som klarar av att bygga en lättare mtb med 18växlar, skivbromsar och dämpad gaffel? En spec: