Specialized Allez Sprint

With innovation it will bring us so much more fun. There are some comparing bikes just looking at the components when they aren’t as important as the frame. But there is always a budget, most often at least and that’s why Cannondale has lead the industry of high end aluminium roadbikes with their Caad. They made both Specialized and Trek keeping their alu frames up to date and even Canyon has got on to the train of a good aluminium roadframe, not just cheap.

So what to do when you pushed the limit of a regular roadframe in a material? Like they did with carbon, let’s go aero.


Specialized spent more time in the Wind Tunnel developing the Allez Sprint than the old Venge. It’s as stiff in the bottom bracket as a Tarmac and the seatpost is straight stolen from the Venge ViAS. A smartweld bottom bracket unit got the stiffness up and the weight down:

1160g in size 56 so when people talk about that aeroframes are heavy they had wrong in this case. Specialized went all the way on the Allez sprint and steepened the seat tube angle, lowered the head tube and got a little higher bottom bracket. All to be good in going fast around Criteriums. So it was perfect to add a Sram 1x drivetrain and skip the front derailleurmount too.

It was launched in the middle of 2015 it’s still cool. And still not available in the Swedish market which is a shame.

But it’s been upgraded. Now also available as a x2 version with front derailleur:


Can also look like this special for Chris Riekert at Specialized with Campagnolo EPS in the colour that maybe suits Specialized better than Bianchi:


(did you notice the ViAS handlebar?)

Want to know more, look here: Bikeradar or SBC


Was a lot of throwback Thursday pictures on Instagram today and I checked my archive too, there are so many good moments to remember 🙂


From my first long ride the 1st May 2012. 200km going over mountain and along the Hardanger fjord back to Bergen in Norway. Was a magical day and the ride I will always remember. The start.






Looking forward for an even better 2016 😀 Aiming to be as good so I can eat more ice cream when we stop and be able to enjoy both sun and rain (we can all hope)

Saturday ride (with sun)

New day, new people and new roads. Adding a bit of sun and you’ll get a good start of a ”summer” saturday. Rode a lap north of Mullsjö today up to Hökensås with Anders:

Sporting POC club kit 🙂

Felt like I had a bit heavy legs but it may come from my front brake too. It’s been touching the rim as it had to have the wire in perfect position. Can’t really recommend KCNCbrakes to anyone. But really like the Sram Red 22 levers working with them on the Caad10 🙂

76,76km today and another nice ride to the account.

Map and stats if still don’t follow me on Strava: Movescount

Alp de Skarpabacken

At my dad this weekend celebrating Swedish Midsummer and cycling with my strong friend Henrik. Today we met up at Piren in Jönköping, me, Henrik and Christer who joined us for the first part. Me and Henrik went on the small roads up to Gränna and the soon famous Skarpabacken, a 2,3km climb with 6,6% average ending with a bit of gravel. Hard time for me but managed to come up 🙂

Henrik was fast and strong as usual on his SuperX. Great guy to ride with who always finds new nice roads 🙂

On the way back we got a nice view down to Kaxholmen and found a cow that didn’t want to hang out with me

Then back to Jönköping again. 3h20min on the cyclingaccount later. Great ride and happy to have missed the rain 🙂

The bike for the weekend. A Cannondale Caad10 with Sram Red and Zipp 202 from Öster Cykel:

Trek Emonda ALR

Cannondale had Caad for a long time and it always has been a good frameset in aluminium. The benchmark frame of road alu. Specialized had their Allez but it hasn’t been special or outstanding except now with Smartweld and having an S-Works model of it.

Trek is now joining the other big Americans with the new Emonda ALR:

The good thing that beats the Specialized is that they have a Braze-on for the front derailleur which I really like. But they also got all wires on the outside which I don’t like, 1-1 Trek/Cannondale-Specialized.

The Emonda ALR is made from Trek’s 300 Alpha Aluminium which is supposed to be good in all ways (you know how it is).

So let’s talk weights, it’s an Emonda after all and made to be light and good. 358g for a fork, with paint. That’s a good weight with 1,5-1 1/8 fork (why so big). The frame itself (without paint) is said to weigh 1050g in size 56. 1050g for a alu frame is great but without paint?

Available with Shimano 105 or Ultegra at the moment. Will come with Dura-Ace and Dura-Ace Di2. Seems like it will come a ALR 10 with Sram Red too. Serious with many high-end models.

More info: Bikerumor

Soon it’s time again


Riding a bike and eating icecream, can it be better? Or riding a hole day with mountains, fjords and great weather:


Or the first ride on mtb for the season:


Or doing a small race with friends and end with a super ride on new tracks afterwards:


Sometimes it can be good suffering up a long climb too with company that got a lot of more power than you:


Looking forward to the spring and summer 😀

Things not to eat on your bike?

One of my favourite pictures of me is this:

Riding a bike in the sun and eating ice cream, but Global Cycling Network says different:

If you want to see some nice racing instead with helping people like this:

Then you should take a good look in the photoalbum here from Ringenloppet last saturday: Wilsoncycling