I had a Grammo

Been in Sweden over the weekend and enjoying life instead of sitting at a computer and blog. But back now. Thought of riding long on my roadbike today didn’t got any company so changed my mind.

Trailriding with Joachim and a couple of others outside Drammen instead. The Slash is at another but Joachim said my Grammo would work there. So he picked me up at 9 and we lefty. Started the ride with riding lost as the GPS didn’t wanted us to go where we wanted. But finally we won over it and found some great trails. My Grammo worked pretty well but wasn’t as fast as the others with full suspension bikes on the downhills. Great trails but was a bit strange to be back with 70° fork angle and 95mm stem compared to 65° fork angle and 40mm stem 😉

On a fast descend I hit a tree but saved my flight with my left foot first, but had to jump once more as I came so fast. Nothing big so rode on and didn’t think about that more than some laughing. Ended with a nice downhill I forgot to start my watch to record 😦 After ride picture instead:


Had to wait for the others while they drove and got the other car. Trail so don’t want to ride too much uphill 😉

Map and stats of what I got: Movescount

Then the bad part which made todays headline. I broke my frame in the crash:



Smashed seatstay. On top looking irl you see the carbon sticking out. So seems like I have to get a new frame/bike. 650b trailbike is on my mind.

Sram XX1 tuning, finishing it

First some inside info if you have a tight frame and want to improve the q-factor even more than normal. Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crank with a 114mm Sram spindle gives you a q-factor of 154mm (2mm tighter than the slimmest XX1) but is 123mm on the inside so was a bit to tight for my Scalpel.

Sram XX1 spider, chainring bolts and a 36t chainring:



104mm Cannondale road spindle:



Sram XX1 crankarms, 175mm Q156 with spiderbolts and crankarmbolts. For comparsion my Hollowgram SiSL with crankarmbolts and spider lockring is 293g.



Left arm with spindle and a bottom bracket cover:



Rest of the crank, so the right side including spacers (had to put a 2,5mm on the left too to get it in the middle):



So left (245g)+right(297g)+bb(49g) gives me a 592g crankset with a great chainline and q-factor. All smiles 😀

Like this:



Have a little bit to long chain but thinking of getting a 38t later and works well so satisfied with my Cannondale SuperX. (Got a Chorus rear derailleur on the way for it too).

Sram XX1 tuning

Changing from a Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL at 507g to a Sram XX1 with bad chainline and 621g got me thinking. Maybe take off the Sram spindle and change it for a 10mm shorter Cannondale spindle. Halfway today:



The Sram spindle from a Sram XX1 BB30 Q156 is 114,6mm long as the scale shows 85g. Cannondale 104mm road spindle is 64g. Will mount it tomorrow as I think it takes some time to get the right amount of spacers. Will be nice to get a better chainline, lower q-factor and saving some weight on my Cannondale SuperX without spending any money 🙂

While waiting for the result you can watch this tragic/funny video of how now to take of a jacket while riding a bike:

Weekend: Up and down for 2nd family

Blame my network connection yesterday evening for not be able to blog. Twitter didn’t even work so really slow. After work yesterday I took my bike and rode to Kvamskogen where my church community was this weekend for getting to know each other better and enjoy God’s creation. The map showed 62,5km from work so not that hard. But my Suunto Ambit stopped at 77,8km including a couple of km wrong. And 1215m climbed, 778 descended.

Even harder as I had my cyclocross bike with 42t single chainring and 12-25 cassette. Minimum speed at around 13km/h for me that made it hard. But riding in Norway in september is magic, can’t do other than recommend it. Starting at the sea, passing mountains, go around an end of a fjord. Climbing up small roads with magic descends. Look at huge waterfalls while climbing a 42 altitude meter climb. And all of this in the autumn with a lot of beautiful colors, even when the weather wasn’t on top.

Map and stats here: Movescount

Late evening, awesome but to little sleep and then after lunch it was time to ride back home. Leaving this place:



Was raining in the morning but God made it awesome when it was time to leave. Riding with style:



With a big road like this on 500m altitude:



Going down from Kvamskogen was much faster than climbing up 😉 But 42-12 isn’t the best gearing so just rolling when I was over 47km/h.

Coming down and turned into a small road, for cyclists that shouldn’t pass the big tunnels. Beautiful landscape, small nice roads:



And great sun. In a valley and then up a climbed named Tveitclimb which I now got the KOM on Strava 😉 Great fighting with 42-25 sometimes and not compact cranks 😉 Down with a lot of tight switchbacks to Tysse and to Bjørkheim where I was back on the main road again. First a climb and the some flat before going up Gullbotn. Was totally smoked on the top but seemed good I heard from some friends that was passing me by car 🙂 Down to Trengereid where I met another rider that was joining me to Ytre Arna. Great with some company and he was pretty strong so got some speed too. I really felt the ride from yesterday and too little rest and of course fighting 42-25 in the climbs.

The last part was a fight and not a very nice one, but as I had been riding there a lot of times before I know every climb and managed to get home not too slow 🙂 2h56min yesterday and 2h39min today. Over 7h training this week and I’m very happy 😀

Map and stats for today: Movescount

Tomorrow I will wash my cyclocross, specially the wheels that I will hang up. And then make it ready for CX. And we’ll see if I can train hard and good. Dreaming of racing CX again, awesome sport.

Clouds came, riders went

Not a very good day training today. Started with riding to work and half way half of my chainring disappeared, here what was left on the crank:


Had one chainringbolt that was a little loose that I thought of tightening at work but didn’t get that far (6-7min cityride). So what to do, all chainrings at home so tried the cool thing some people talk about. Rotor Q-Rings:


It’s heavier (double?) and has a teeth extra (39t) but looks pretty serious. And felt the difference directly when pedaling, in a good way. Was supposed to ride with two friends today but as the clouds have come back and the ground got wet again they didn’t feel that good 😦 Maybe not because of the weather as we rode together last monday when it was raining a lot but but.

Wasn’t that motivated and didn’t had the legs to train seriously either so rode for a short ride up Munkebotn, down on other side and around Eidsvågsneset putting some extra power up the easy climb in Eidsvåg. Felt nice with Rotor rings, but not that good with 2bar in the my tires and riding on asphalt 😉 Map & Graph here: link

If you want to buy Rotor Q-Rings we now got a great offer at the store I’m working at, half price on what we have in stock: Sykkelsenteret

Last ride on my Scalpel

for this year/season. Sold my wheels and will send them on monday. So today in the sunny lovely Bergen I took my mtb for a ride and was joined by Leif Arne on his Scalpel 29er. A little heavier than mine but faster.

Up Fløyen and then we started with my favourite singletrack in wrong way so uphill. Nice one but think it’s better downhill. Almost managed the hole anyway, dried out a bit since last time. Then up to Brushytten and deciding where to got. Rode up to Rundemann as Leif Arne never been there first and when we got some views at 500m it was perfect. sun was shining, we saw green islands, water and then the ocean just open all the way out to Shetland Island. A big bridge but couldn’t almost see the city of Bergen with over 250000 inhabitants that we left the city from 40min earlier. So nice.

Up all the way and then down on the other side. With the nice singletrack downhill I’ve rode in the spring or if it was last year. Nice in the beginning then the singletrack was in a stream so got a bit wet, then down on a fast section before going into a technical track again. Think we rode wrong some part there as we got into a downhilltrack and then didn’t come out as I remember. Anyone it was pretty nice and good technical training. Then down on the big path and later asphalt down to Bergen city again.

Bergen mtb is pretty much climbing of technical singletracks, hard to find the middle way that I’m used to with pretty flat courses and not extremely technical so rideable in all weathers.

Last picture of my bike looking as it done the latest of this season:


New wheels for next year, new damper with propedal or something like that, new handlebar (just borrowed the one I have now) and maybe a new stem. Can really recommend single chainring too, using a 36 and it works everywhere, a bit hard uphill but less to think about and with a 11-36 cassette it would be even better. I have bent and had problems with light chainrings from Experimental Prototype before but this is working perfect. 😀

Map and Graph of the day: TrainingPeaks Rundemann

(send me a e-mail if you want to buy a 165mm DT XR Carbon rear damper, lightest rear damper what I know)

Trainingblog + sale

Haven’t been so good blogging about the training now, had other things to write about and not the most interesting trainings made. Last friday an easy hour with a friend. Was supposed to ride a 4h on saturday but really bad weather made me play Playstation instead. On monday me and two friends thought of riding some CX after work. A lot of rain so I thought about skipping it but good friends that seems to like water made me ride with them. What a training then. First a lap and some coursechecking before John and Petter came. Then a lap to show Petter and to change a bit on the course, a little longer now. And then 5 laps at full gas.

John made as always and rode away faster then everybody else, then Petter and last me as my GPS didn’t do as I think but as I pressed the buttons. When I got a new lap started I started too. Really hard course and slippery in the rain. Was chasing Petter and caught him on second lap I think and passed him on the idiotic climb. No way to reach John but did my best to get some good training and I think I succeeded. 18min with an average at 170. A lot of training needed to be fast but I will do my best. Afterwards we ”rolled” around a small lake for a couple of laps that I missed the start of as the GPS was paused. Hard legs on tuesday but good feeling. Need to ride more hard.

Today I took my Scalpel to work to try a 650b wheel after. Too tight with a Racing Ralph 2,25″ without some grinding on the bridge. But with a 48 or 50mm tubular tire it will work and I got a plan for next year 😀 Then I got John with me on some training. My on Scalpel and he on his SuperX (got a similar to me but more original). Up Fløyen (heavy on CX) and then around some. Ending with maybe the nicest singletrack I’ve ridden in Bergen before going down again. Impressive by John to ride it with CX.

Map&Graph for today: TrainingPeaks Fløyen

And if someone is interested in a light 26″ tubular wheelset for Lefty front wheel including tires, send me a message and you will get a good deal. Tune Kong rear hub, Tune Cannonball front hub, DT Revolution spokes, FRM XMD309 Tubular rims, 1 Tufo XC2 Plus tire, 2 Tufo XC2