What it’s all about

Road cycling with Rabobank-Liv

XCO with Multivan Merida Biking Team in Pietermartizburg:

Enduro with Jerome Clementz in Chile, second video made me really want to ride enduro 😉

Drammen CX + Enduro World Series Finale Ligure

Raced again today, today with the elite on what seemed to be a great cx course. And it was if you got some better skills. Some steep hills and deep mud in some parts and a loong running climb. Was one of the last in the beginning but not last. Was a guy after me, same guy that I won over yesterday 😉 But we where far behind and got lapped pretty fast. Lapped by half of the field after 40min and felt mostly like I was in the way for the others racing. Stepped of my bike and ended as DNF. Got some training and didn’t have anything in elite to do. They should have a second class in Norway too, like Swedens Superclass. Morten Væng won nicely men elite, women elite was won by Tiril Mohr like yesterday.

map and stats from Svelvik yesterday: Movescount

map and stats from Drammen today: Movescount

And then it has been the final in World Enduro Series today. Jerome Clementz rode with this nice sticker:

Already won the series before this weekend and won this last race too, with 2,7sec. Marco Aurelio Fontana ended 20th as fastest XCracer. Nino Schurter got a penalty of 6min, anyone knows why?

Clementz yesterday:1385622_513812248708352_86794100_n


World Enduro Series in Finale Ligure

The final of the World Enduro Series goes this weekend in Italy. They seems to get things right with the starting field. The XCO World Champion Nino Schurter and Women World Cup winner Tanja Zakelj is two racers. And we got the Enduroking Jerome Clementz:

And the extra funny thing. In the spring it was an Enduro website (I think) interviewing Marco Aurelio Fontana. They asked which XCrider he would like to compete with in Enduro, he answered Nino Schurter and this weekend it happens. Schurter as I wrote before is coming and Fontana is coming too:

So don’t miss. And watch more of these great pictures at MTB-Forum

Jekyll versus Genius LT. XC versus Endurorider. Who will win?