THE new Cannondale Slate

What if you took a roadbike, mounted a fork called Oliver, used 650b wheels that is the latest but 42mm tires to make it normal roadbike size. Then go out ride it everywhere. Sprint on asphalt, jump and enjoy single tracks as long as the world. What if?

Cannondale took their knowledge and mixed it together with a fun thought and came up with the Slate:

In our world when everything is about us and we want our thing, not others. We come up with odd ideas. Some just don’t care but for others they just want to coolest bike for EVERYTHING. Just ask Tim Johnson:

The Slate is an Synapse with comfortable rear end (with S.A.V.E seatpost?) but a bit longer to fit the 42mm Pacenti 650b tires. Of course with discs and of course with integrated wires. Of course also Cannondales old standard BB30 to use with their 15(?) year old Cannondale Hollowgram crankset.

In the front they tweaked a Lefty to become road compatible. 30mm of travel with PBR. Called Oliver without the twist (it’s really stiff).

Don’t know if you can call it a roadbike, nor a gravel bike and at least not a mtb.

The thing I know is that Cannondale likes to keep their standards but think outside the box.

More pictures here: The Radavist

Lovechock Specialized Team for Cape Epic, and Leftydream

Sanne van Paassen and Jolien Janssen is racing Cape epic for Lovechock Specialized Team on Specialized Era. Here’s from their latest training camp:

I also found a nice video from Racing Shox (who I’m getting my new Marzocchi fork from) riding a Cannondale Flash showing nice trails in Spain with a Lefty fork 🙂

I had a Grammo

Been in Sweden over the weekend and enjoying life instead of sitting at a computer and blog. But back now. Thought of riding long on my roadbike today didn’t got any company so changed my mind.

Trailriding with Joachim and a couple of others outside Drammen instead. The Slash is at another but Joachim said my Grammo would work there. So he picked me up at 9 and we lefty. Started the ride with riding lost as the GPS didn’t wanted us to go where we wanted. But finally we won over it and found some great trails. My Grammo worked pretty well but wasn’t as fast as the others with full suspension bikes on the downhills. Great trails but was a bit strange to be back with 70° fork angle and 95mm stem compared to 65° fork angle and 40mm stem 😉

On a fast descend I hit a tree but saved my flight with my left foot first, but had to jump once more as I came so fast. Nothing big so rode on and didn’t think about that more than some laughing. Ended with a nice downhill I forgot to start my watch to record 😦 After ride picture instead:


Had to wait for the others while they drove and got the other car. Trail so don’t want to ride too much uphill 😉

Map and stats of what I got: Movescount

Then the bad part which made todays headline. I broke my frame in the crash:



Smashed seatstay. On top looking irl you see the carbon sticking out. So seems like I have to get a new frame/bike. 650b trailbike is on my mind.

Vertical trail riding

Met the nice mailman today at work that asked if I didn’t work every day. Maybe had missed me? 😉 Got a nice package from my friend Pierre with maybe the best XC gloves. One pair of GripGrab Vertical and one pair of Racing. Vertical today:

IMG_20140603_173743 IMG_20140603_173751

Tight fit, no adjustments, great grip and works on a smartphone. Extra feature is that they got a magnet inside so you can have the gloves together like on the last picture. Cool feature I’ve never thought about before.

Out to Nøtterøy today and up Vardås:


Rode one ride down first that was really slippery. So dry in the forrest now and then waited for the others on the top. Joachim had lost his phone so borrowed mine and rode to find out so me and Peder started Peder’s Strava KOM ride. Rode nice trails and full speed on some. Really nice. Met up with Joachim after he found his phone and Sebastian for the last part. More KOM discussions and racing. My hardtail is great but a AM full suspension with some bigger tires would be better I think 😉

Anyway, my dropper post ruled, not as good as a Reverb but good enough and really nice to use. Worked great with the mounting on the handlebar too.

No KOM’s for me but a second place and some good results and great training. Map and stats: Movescount

KS LEV for XC ;)

New School thinking and as I only have one mtb for everything I missed my dropper post from my Liteville. My Grammo Pako seemed impossible to mount a Rock Shox Reverb in a proper way so got for the second option. A Kind Shock LEV, thought first of going with one with lever under the saddle but thought again and a remote is so much easier. KS LEV 31,6×385 with 125mm drop:


Lost 13g when cutting the wire hosing and wire so over 200g lighter than the Reverb Stealth I had on my Liteville 😀

Looks like this mounted:

IMG_20140602_221840 IMG_20140602_221853

Wiring through the top tube where the front derailleur wire should go, really smooth. But will be testing som positions on the handlebar to get it working with my Xloc for my fork too, a bit tight now but think it will work.

when motivation wasn’t on top

Today walking from work I thought of skip today mtb training as it was raining a little and should be really wet. same as last thursday which was the last time I rode my bike. Coming home I thought that I can join for an hour and ride home afterwards. So stressed with changing clothes, changing QR to BBB with allen key so sits tight, tighten the headset and adjusting the gears. Was a bit stressed to the training too but what a start.

Joined the fast group today but it wasn’t as fast as I thought. Had no problems to follow them and my bike was like a dream except in mud. 29ers rules in mud. But a quick 27,5″ hardtail with a Lefty XLR and Sram XX1. Can’t be more fun XC, can it? The bike is so fast and you got the control and can do whatever you want. I’ve learned my Racing Ralph tires too so know how they react. Was just really fun, especially on singletrack and I even felt fast on the climbs. Love it! 😀

1h passed, 1h40m came and I was faded a bit as I only drank some lemonade before I left home and didn’t eat anything between 14.30 and 19.40. But managed to stay on the wheels and have fun on some singletrack, not even sure someone noticed. In the last part there was some attacking and I sprinted to try to catch but then my energy was gone and I rode alone back to the meeting place Velotel. A couple of hundred meters. Talked a bit and then left to home.

2h17min my watch stopped at 😉 And then, after washing bikes half day at work it looked like this in my garden:


So washed that too before I went up and took a shower. Now it feels in my hole body that I trained today. Legs, arms, back. Such a good feeling 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

Giant Cup #4 and Ratto

Today I’ve been and racing. On a course that is natural and was the best course I’ve ridden in a long time 😀 Think green forest on brown dirt singletrack with some rocks, a lot of roots and short but pretty steep climbs and downhills. Add a lot of rain so it get’s really muddy and you have it. Some gravel roads to but perfect amount. Strava segment here: Giant Cup Nanset

Start and finish area: IMG_20140508_180139


Had some small problems with my rear wheel today too and got loose on the second last lap so had to stop. Have to check that on monday after coming home from what hopefully will be a super weekend with Team Joker.

Except that trouble the bike is just amazing. When I moved to Bergen I was just thinking full suspension but for XC hardtail is better for me. 27,5″ is the perfect size so it’s easy to get around turn, lift over things and so on. I’m in charge of the bike, not opposite. The Lefty is a super fork, nothing to add there. Was a guy on the startline with a Scott Spark 29 that said never more hardtail. I think a hardtail is so much simpler and if you want to sprint you don’t have to lock something or to much weight to move. With a set of good big tires you can ride really fast too.

Have learned a lot after riding AM, can ride down steeper things, try to get up hard things and believe so much more in myself. Great training and it’s not strange that Enduro is getting so big.

The race ended like this:


Dirty, tired and after I first thought of what I was doing there in the end of first lap I was pretty satisfied in the end. Passed 3 guys on the last lap too, made my confidence go up 🙂

But my shape isn’t good enough for riding in Men Elite, ended 8th out of 8. The three guys I passed rode in other classes. Map and stats: Movescount

Let’s aim for a better performance next thursday and better weather 😀 Love racing even when I’m not so fast.

One who is fast and really impressed today in U.K. Friend’s Life Women’s Tour is Rossella Ratto. Yesterday she tried with an attack but got caught up. Today she tried again, and won! Not just won the stage but also took the leaders jersey (great for her but said for the fourth standing Emma Johansson). First time on the podium as a stage winner:


Broken QR=no mtb

First my plan was to ride my bike properly today after work, then it was 5° and a little rain when I came home and my motivation wasn’t on top. Fixed my bike with Lefty and some small things yesterday so just checked the pressure in my fork and pumped my tires before I could ride. Ended with a plan to at least go out and try the bike before tomorrows race.

Rode up the hill behind my house and took a green photo in the forrest:


Rode a new singletrack that just was a dead end. Then I met some riders from Tønsberg Ck and Peder asked if I wanted to join. Turned around to catch them but then my rear wheel got loose. Not as bad as the leader on mondays training but didn’t feel so good. Scratched the frame on the drive side with the wheel/QR and didn’t really found the issue then. Except that something was wrong and it was the hub or QR. Talked to Peder and watched them end the training. Rolled easy back home but the rear wheel wasn’t inline.

Ended with that the carbon fibre in the QRaxle had splitted so have to change it.

Otherwise Lefty is super, was a bit soft so need some more PSI but what a fork. So pump the fork and change QR for tomorrow.

The damper is on


My 3 year old Lefty fork is back on my bike. Oldest part, I think. Had to rise my stem 1,2cm but also can take away the left brakelevermounting and use the xloc from the fork to save some weight. So less that 612g heavier 😉 And so much comfortable, and probably a bit faster too.


Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon XLR is the thing 🙂