new rims: AX-Lightness SRT CC

What can I say, living the dream sometimes. Is there any brand cooler than AX-Lightness in cyclingparts? Found a pair of rims on my place at work today from a friend. 229g and 231g it says on them, 463g is shown here:


Nice compare to the XTR965 rim we had at work today, was 428g for one rim.

Got stickers for them too, never used, haven’t decided if I’m gonna put them on or not. And for hubs, always dreamt about Tune Cannonball SL and Prince with it’s carbon fibre flanges but they come at a huge cost. Like 680€ for a pair and 281g, Kong and Cannonball is around 430€ and 297g. What do you say? Will build it up with Sapim Superspoke.