My first Time Trial today, really didn’t know what to expect and was nervous in a odd way. My biggest weakness is that I’m thin and weak, not so good for time trial and I knew it will be hard time to sit proper on the borrowed bike. But surrounded with nice people


and a relaxed feeling around the race, at least with the elite riders. Choosed Elite class as it was a better starttime and I knew I would lose anyway, the results wasn’t so important and I didn’t wanted to prove anything for anyone else.

Started ok, felt like a hard time to sit in right position after 2,31km and after 7min Karl who started 1min behind me passed. The mental game was full on and when the uphills was hard it was so cool to ride in 40-50km/h on the flats and going almost 60km/h downhill just holding on so tight with a little sidewind. At the turnaround it all changed.

Headwind and it felt like uphill all the way back. Held way too much in the basebar and it went just slow. But while I’m not so good on the mental game it’s interesting how it is to count down, to keep focus and even when the back, my legs and everything feels like shit just to keep pushing.

I may not be fast or train much but racing is just cool and thinking aero in a stylish way. I found the finishline after 47min22sec and ended last but satisfied for my first race when thinking about it. Not much I’ve could have done better and great to try it for real instead of just watching it from a car or on a tv.

Great atmosphere afterwards too with some chitchatting with people I know more or less, everyone are friends and kind.

Emil Rosenberg who i got lift from on the way home got 3rd:


and Susan who invited me for dinner this evening got 2nd on her first Time Trial in Women Elite:


Back in Stockholm I changed my mind to go by train home and took the mtb up Hammarby Hill towards Le Mond:


Not my best climb what I felt but got a PR 😀 S-Works doping 😉

If you’re interesting in my race, it’s all here: Strava

I Sliced the wind, or a try at least

I can honestly say that if I were rich I would have a Time Trialbike on my wall, so cool and can be so mean looking in a perfect way. I like problem solving and making a TTbike perfect.

Yesterday I got the question if I wanted to borrow a bike and race tomorrow. Not so often I get the opportunity to borrow a ok fitting great TTbike and there is a race nearby. So said yes and was happy. 🙂 Got it at work today and with some help I sat up the saddle descent, but with a little bit too low handlebar:


Then it was time for some testing. Scariest bike in a very long time, never thought it would be so different, couldn’t go so fast. Down to Saltsjö-Duvnäs with some speed but it felt like I rode faster on my roadbike, out towards Fisksätra and the place to train using those bars proper. Felt like shit first time, had a hard time to sit proper. Like this on the way back:


Second time out it went a bit better and I could hold the bike straight and understand how to do.

Third time there was no problem except with my back and neck 😉

Rode back towards work, on the main road from Nacka Forum where I got a car in front of me. A car that did around 50km/h and I had to keep up, felt awesome to ride so fast and it was even a bit comfortable there for a short period of time. Thought of keeping up with the car instead of everything else.

Specialized say the new Venge ViAS is as aero as a Shiv TT, but now I understand the difference. So much better position on a TT bike that takes aero to another lever. Let’s hope I can go at least a little fast on tomorrows race.

From today: Strava

And the bike without me, a great start of my TT mission:


Wish me luck let’s hope I survive :p

Ted King’s Cannondale Slice RS

Missed the time with 7 seconds yesterday with a seperated shoulder after stage 1 Ted King has been forced to leave Tour de France. Here is the bike he was supposed to use at the team time trial yesterday with some small tweaks:


Integrated brakes like all new proper TTbikes:

1045026_503935836341678_1911488283_n 1005088_503935846341677_1467477853_n

But without a cover on the rear brake.

The coolest thing on this bike is the handlebar. Instead of brakewires going a bit on the outside and in on the side of the top cap and gearwires doing the same. Brakewires are all integrated and gearwires going in straight on the top, I like:


More about it: Cycling Weekly

Like it should be an Norwegian TTT championship


Front the eliminator race in Val di Sole.

Don’t have any pictures from the team time trial today at the Norwegian Championships but Thor Hushovd won with his Grimstad SK team. Bergen CK with my friend Filip Eidsheim third and Fana IL who I’m working for in eight place, well done.

Women’s race won Ck Victoria alla three podium places.

new Pinarello TT bike, Bolide

5% lighter than their old cool Graal and 15% more aero. A lot to thank the integrated brakes with aerocovers and the much nicer wiring. Possible to get it with integrated cables in the bar for Di2 too, smart.

Supertight rear brake:

And a front brake that looks to suit Magura hydraulics 😉

But have a look at the handlebar. It’s where it is and no changes for the basebar once bought. But as for the Graal the look is awesome:

Will hopefully be used on Giro d’Italia but don’t know what Team Sky thinks yet or what do you think about their new creation?

Norwegian, Swiss, Polish and Czech victories today

Start from the last win, Amstel Gold Race that I always seemed boring but today I watched it and found out that is a really nice race with a lot of action. Sad action like Thomas Voeckler broke a collarbone and Philippe Gilbert (man of the day) was in the middle of a big crash that made riders go off road CXstyle.

Awesome end with Roman Kreuziger trying to attack and succeeding as the chasers didn’t chase him down in time. Really good racing and behind him Philippe Gilbert showed the others that you have to try, he almost got the second sprint but started the sprint a bit to early so ended 4th.



Then it was MTB-Cup or Bundesliga race in Münsingen with a lot of fast riders to start, at least in the womens category. Maja Włoszczowska won in front of Adelheid Morath and third was the winner from yesterday. Alexandra Engen:



In Switzerland there was BMC Cup or Swiss Cup with world champion Nino Schurter beating the ex world champion Julien Absalon that maybe got to big wheels this season:



And last race. Straumemilen, a 10km time trial her in Bergen today won by a rider from the elite team in my club, Fana Il 🙂 Ole Andre Austevoll with a bike I mounted 1,5 week ago with Zipp 900 rearwheel glued by me on thursdag 😉 Nice to read about a win after some hours working on this bike: