Lanterne Rouge, winter edition

Same roads but in different conditions makes the ride different. Last time I rode this route it was a nice autumn evening and we rode roadbikes and felt fast. Today it was white, slower and the sun was shining like never before.

So cold me and Hagen took a shortcut on a lake:


The snow made it possible to ride, was hard for Hagen going in the ice skatetracks 😉

En Värdig Omväg was even more beautiful than summertime today with the snowy road:


After not riding yesterday as it was too cold it was great to come out today and enjoy. It’s magic that makes the Swedish seasons so good compared to just ”summer” all year around. Let’s hope the weather stays cold, dry and sunny until the Basemile Snowdown event next weekend. Would be awesome 🙂

As usual we ended our ride together at bikecafé Le Mond  for a warm coffee and meeting great people 🙂

Map and stats: Strava