2nd last ride

After rebuilding my SuperX for the road a bit yesterday it was time to ride today. With Jon Even and Pål on real roadbikes. 2-3h and came home after 3h7min, last time I rode for so long was the 20th september, over a month ago.

So a sunny ride today on some dry and some wet roads. Thought of taking a picture riding but my gloves didn’t work on my phone today so no pictures while riding. Rode to Andebu and around Sandefjord easy said and like usual riding in Vestfold I ride on new roads 🙂 Feels like it is enormous amount of small roads around here and thanks to Pål I had a hard time sometimes too 😉 Great training, good people and the only two bad things was that my front chainring didn’t want to keep the chain when riding on the two smallest sprockets on the way from Sandefjord so rode a bit slower. And somewhere in Sandefjord I rode over a piece of glass that cut through my silk front tire 😦 Just small so stopped and pumped once and then it was fine for riding home.

Here is a picture of my do-it-all bike:

And if you want to see where we rode and how fast you can see it here: Movescount

back on the bike

Didn’t feel so good last week and this easter weekend I’ve got my mum and sister her visiting so no biking. But glued my sparewheel yesterday and today afternoon it was time to try riding my roadbike again. Even got clothes that said Madone to make it easier:


Super weather to so first ride in without arm- and legwarmers and first roadride with my white Sidishoes 🙂 Nicely matched with a pair of high white Kalas socks 🙂

Rode up north towards Åsgårdstrand and looked at the sea:


But not so easy as it looks, feels like I’ve never can ride easy alone. With my old Giro Ionos helmet after my Mavic helmet cracked:


In Åsgårdstrand there is a a ”climb” that starts with 10% but flattens out and the hole 1,7km climb is just 4% but hard enough for me and as I ridden there before I had to push a bit more to get new personal record. And I did, with 184 in average heart rate 😉 Still a lot to do get to the top but nice climb to test the legs in. Rode a bit further into the countryside and found a nice long flat (a bit down maybe) section and felt good riding over 40km/h alone with bad legs 🙂 Easier after I’ve passed the high way again and down to Sem. From Sem back to Tønsberg there is a around 3,5km total flat and straight road. Have to cross a road and make some small turns in the middle and over a bridge but like 15 altitude meters total. Tried to press hard and get some pace on that road instead of just whining about the wind and see how boring the road is.

Tired back to Tønsberg but felt nice to ride in the sun and be back on the bike. Made some small saddle adjustments in the beginning to and have to move the cleat on my left shoe a bit. Seat position is hard but feels really important

Map and stats: Movescount

CXtraining and the Look of the day

Starting with the Look. We got a Look 555 with 9-speed Shimano 105 and a boring black ISIScrank. Where the customer wanted Ultegra Di2 and a silver crank instead, with integrated cables. Fixed today so first frame I drill and put some Di2 inside. Pretty easy and got a nice result, fun work 🙂


Looks pretty good or what do you think?

Then after working with some more boring work too I got out and rode my SuperX. Got a nice comment from a customer about my rear wheel too 😉 Thought of going to Storetveitmarken as usual but wasn’t so motivated so rode up to Svartedike instead. Awesome with single chainring sometimes as you get good training when not be able to use lighter gearing. Can recommend in and ride hilly.

Thought going to the end of the road, back and then same again. But did it just one time. On the way out I passed a mountainbiker and felt good. Took it pretty easy down the end of the road as it was a lot of stones that my tires isn’t so good for. Stopped at the bottom and took a photo and got caught by the mountainbiker again just before taking this:


He went back before me but didn’t seem so fast so I past him on the stony climb up. Got a snakebite a bit before too but my good tires didn’t puncture. Love tubulars. Then back on the gravel road and took right up to Skansemyren. Nice climbing that is perfect for good training with 39t single ring. And Fjellveien back to Sandviken is like a dream in the autumn. Awesome.

Map and Graph: TrainingPeaks Svartedike

XC with my SuperX?

The local mtbclub was going out to Åsane and riding the XCcourse that was in Continental Cup earlier this year. I and John with his SuperX joined, but John didn’t feel so good after a crash so was heading home before we came out to Åsane.

I started the ride with going up Fjellveien and watching down on the beautiful Bergen to get some extra training time:


Found a new small road down that wasn’t made for cantilevers 😉 Out to Åsane with a easy pace. Then it started, the ”real” training a small singletrack first that I think I hit my rear rim on a metallwell in the ground but was okey. Then a little asphalt before the technical started. A small singletrack with to much high grass and then a small waterhole that I fixed but couldn’t go up the steep hill afterwards so had to get of. Then it was better, some roots, a little up and down and impressive how good I can ride on my CX in that ”wrong” terrain. Had some problems with a tight turn and some roots but great grip on climbs, on rocks and could enjoy it a little. 🙂 Also tested the tiregrip on a off camber dirtclimb, not so good when it is like 50° camber so hit the ground. The course was ending going down some steep stairs that I didn’t do, didn’t want to puncture.

So a easy first lap so everyone including guide. Then a old school picture by Lina, edited by Mikael:


And as we were at a school a nice schoolphoto by Thor:


on top: Jarl Andreas, me

on bottom: Thor, Mikael, Lina

in the front: SuperX vs. Stumpjumper

Then we should do a lap more but didn’t last so long for me, think I punctured in the beginning on the first singletrack so tried to get some pucnture spray in and some air while the others rode.

Then we went home a bit longer way first and ended with up Munkebotn before being back in Bergen. Me and Jarl Andreas up together but I pushed on some extra gears in the end and attacked, perfect place to put in an attack and good for the heart rate that went with a rocket to 189 😉

Thanks for the ride

Map & Graph: TrainingPeaks Åsane


515g crank, 6,9kg cx, 38t prototype or just a sick SuperX

Sold my mtbwheels and gave the handlebar I borrowed back to the owner, no more mtb this year. So why have a light, stiff and great looking crankset laying and collecting dust when you can use it on the bike you use. Changed my 36t chainring from Experimental Prototype for a 130mm BCD spider and a 38t chainring from Experimental Prototype. Shouldn’t use heavier parts than needed. 461g except the 54g bearings and rings in the frame:


As I don’t have chainguide for my bike I used the front derailleur but took the wire of. Haven’t taken the parts out from the lever yet, maybe I will do it later, maybe not. Happy about the result and weight at under 6,9kg with not that light high profile wheels:


Training tomorrow, will be nice, and good to be back on a single chainring again. Would had been nice to use a XX1 chainring and don’t need a chainguide, would it work on a CX with Red rear derailleur?

CX training and found a course

After work today me and John took our SuperX bikes and looking for the perfect CXcourse in the centre of Bergen. First of to the park of Nordnes where we found a little but a bit to compact and small. Then Nygårdspark where it seemed really nice. Gravel, asphalt, a lot of grass, a hill, a couple of nice wooden bridges where you have to have good tires and a bit more. Came up with a course that seems pretty nice but not so long, around 750m (missed a part on my gps) and 3min in 80% speed. Nygårds CX on the Mapd and Graph for today: TrainingPeaks CX

It has a tree where you should run over, a water to ride around and over a wooden round bridge, maybe a stonepath if it’s not full of ducks and people. got an idiotic stair (tight and some running afterwards) and a climb that is just mad. Had to try it first just seeing it and thought, this will never be rideable. And it wasn’t in that place but we placed to course under a tree so a bit dryer and I got up once.

So now just gather some people and ride, and maybe get the course even longer (many possibilities). Also rode an extra part but was just along the water and then turning around. Except on the way from Nygårdpark we tried to ride on a small (too small) beach that ended with to even more wet cyclists that had to get out of the water. The beach was too small so had to ride in the water.

So even if it’s raining, is wet and not as warm as in Sweden or more south you can enjoy riding a bike here. Thanks John for that 🙂

Result of the the day, grassy brakes:

Training and upgraded Brake Force One

Took my SuperX and went for a ride after work today. Started with pretty okey weather but after around 10min the rain came again. Rode out to Hordnesskogen were we rode on Rett Vest, walking paths in a forest so perfect for fast CXriding. But alone and in rain It wasn’t that fun, rode a little, took a nice photo with big view 🙂


Then continued, got wrong way so down a steep path with a lot of loose gravel, used by horses it seemed so not that good grip anywhere 😉 Then I rode home again. Will probably ride out there in better weather some day and check all the paths. Map and Graph of the short after work ride: TrainingPeaks Hordnes

And then some news. Brake Force One got upgrades like different colours on caliper, lever, fluid and hosing, got a bit lighter and some other small parts.


Hopefully works better too. Just know one who used them and one of his levers broke and seemed to be the worst customer service I heard of. But if you want to know more, see more and see how this closed system works, not like other brakes. Then take a look here: Bikerumor

240 in the sun

All my body is now like a joke, so tired after riding today. But what a ride. 240km with swedish summer weather, good friends and on nice roads. Started at 7.31 this morning and it was around 16 degrees Celsius, around 24 when I came back home. Meeting Fredrik, Henrik and Patrik 14km from here and then we rode north to the biggest mountain in Västergötland, Kinnekulle. Not really a mountain but when everything is flat it looks like one 😉

Good pace but maybe a bit to fast as we had an average at 32km/h the first 130km, thanks too the pro Henrik and Fredrik that did most of the pacing. Henrik as guide we got onto some really nice small roads and sometimes a nice gravel road too:

And with some good views:

A bit funny that everyone used Assos bibs, two with La Lepre Stance jerseys and two Rapha Classic jerseys 🙂

Passing the famous Hornborgasjön:

But after passing Götene, almost in Hällekis I got tired. My stomach was empty a bit before but my legs really hurt and my knees just wanted to point outwards. 32km/h wasn’t good so slowed down to around 26km/h before the only real climb of the day. Upp Högkullen on Kinnekulle. Not so high but just straight and when you are that tired every climb is hard. I looked like this:

Great view over Swedens biggest lake Vänern too in the background. Up on the top lunch waited, good lunch 🙂

And a view where you could see really far, no mountains or things in the way 😉

Then down again and a little different way home. With everyone feeling a bit slower except Henrik just riding along, that’s a real fit guy:

So a bit slower home but a bit better wind and got some nice breaks too. Like this:

Good but hard life 🙂 Home again after 7h52min of riding with some nice brown skin and a smile on my face. 🙂 Thanks guys for the great ride today. And the longes ride ever for me 😀 Look at the map and some more info here: TrainingPeaks Mullsjö-Kinnekulle And thanks Fredrik for some pictures.