the sad truth about weightweenies

Many years ago when people rode alu- and steelbikes weightweenies used to drill holes in parts to save weight. Always the easiest and cheapest way to save weight.

Then when modern carbon fibre frames and parts came weightweenies changed parts for carbon, tuning things like derailleurs with dremel and new carbon parts and alu screws. A rear derailleur at 130g and brands like Extralite, Tune, b-t-p, Carbon-Ti, Schmolke and THM Carbones was the thing. AX-Lightness and MCFK came and pushed it further with really light carbon parts and frames.

Then we came to now. When people buying a Tarmac, SuperSIX Evo, R5 or a Colnago C59/60 with Enve wheels, Sram Red groupset but with Clavicula crank and Praxis (!) chainrings. Enve stem, seatpost and bar, or 3T. It all results in a 6kg bike and they call them self Weightweenies. Without change of a single screw or even touched a dremel.

Team Sky talks about this:


What happened to that in cycling. Why are people on Weightweenies using heavy Praxis (I know they are good but anyway) chainrings when Extralite, Carbon-Ti or Tune is so much lighter? Why aren’t people putting a dremel in their Dura-Ace 9000 or Sram Red22 rear derailleur, or even changing pulleys? Why aren’t Extralite bigger and people using Tune U20 QR? Why are people talking about clinchers? Can people even spell to Schmolke?

Light axle from Rock Shox and RS-1 for 27,5″

Rock Shox is coming with a lighter alternative for their Maxle Lite called Maxle Stealth with a weight from 37g. For 15×100, 15×110, 15×150. Made to use with an 6mm allen key.

Coming in May. And in June the RS-1 fork is coming for 27,5″. 1646g so 20g lighter than the 29er fork:

More new things from Rock Shox here: Bikemag

Sram goes Spiderless


Sram is saving weight, making a couple of standards to one and making their 1X drivetrains look cleaner and keeping it Sram. Spiderless chainrings been around for some time now but not until now Sram starts with it. All the way from 26t to 40t, bigger than other produce.


2 types, one for GXP and one for BB30. Offset differences. But for XX1, X01 and X1. Will fit X.0 and X.9 crankset too but not sure the chainline is as good as with the 1X cranksets. More info here on Bikerumor

Huge parts sale

Everything in SEK but can send all over EU

100kr each:

Experimental Prototype 50t 130mm BCD
FSA 36t 110mm BCD
FSA 38t 110mm BCD
FSA 52t 110mm BCD
light bash för 42t 110mm BCD
Stronglight 42t 130mm BCD

200kr each:
Cannondale 29/44 incl spider for Hollowgram (94mm BCD)
FRM 27/42 (spider for Cannondale Hollowgram)(no picture)

300kr each:
Carbon-Ti X-Monoring 34t for Cannondale Hollowgram
Sram XX1 32t

Better price if you buy many, 50kr in postage


Sram X.7 2×10 triggers 200kr
Sram flatbar brakelevers 100kr
Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm stem, 25,4mm barclamo 250kr
Bontrager lock-ons (new) 100kr
Aerozine 27,2×250 (or maybe 270) seatpost 200kr
Aerozine 31,6×400 seatpost 300kr
plastic seatpost shim 34,9-31,6mm 50kr
Experimental Prototype carbon seatpost 34,9×400 400kr
Maxxis 27,5″ mtb tube, 50kr for 2

Send me an e-mail if you want to buy:

CX Svelvik

They changed a lot on the course since last year which made me really happy. Had a couple of rocky/rooty sections but much better in all ways. Started after M15-16, Women Senior, Men junior with 5 others. Nice people so smiles on the startline. Almost missed the start but starting last I didn’t loose any time. Geared a couple of gears fast and then I dropped my chain.

Put the chain on and I was last. Chased and dropped the chain in total 3 times more. Gearing to fast on bumpy terrain with a chainring without wide/narrow teeths and without steerer wasn’t so good. Chased a lot on the first lap and caught some people but went a bit to hard so after 1st lap I wasn’t so good anymore and had to slow down.

Chased in a pace I could hold and got some backpain, understandable when racing hard without training 😉 Was pretty funny at least and except the chain my bike worked perfect. The Awesome sticker on the top tube really tells the truth 😀

Ended 3rd which resulted in podium and some flowers 😉


Photo by Jon Even Corneliusen

And then it was men elite, 59 riders so a lot of people on track at the same time. Record on CX in Norway I think. Fun to see the sport grow.

Top 10:

1. Fredrik Haraldseth – Bærum OCK

2. Morten Vaeng – Drammen CK

3. Kristoffer Sommer Wormsen – Ringerike SK

4. Johan Nystrand – Svanesunds GIF

Women elite:

1. Jeanette Persson – Skullerud SpKl Sykkel

2. Katrine Ferrao Hofstad – IK Hero Sykkel

3. Tiril Hole Mohr – IK Hero Sykkel

When Sram XX1 is too heavy:

Sram XX1 crankset is pretty light, with my 104mm Cannondale Hollowgram spindle, spacers for it and a 38t chainring like this:

But racing CX without training on with a 12-25 cassette and just a 38t in front is a bit too hard for me. Last year I rode 36t on the same course as I’m racing on on saturday. A 36t made by Experimental Prototype and a chainguide he also made. Still got the parts but chainguide feels so 2013.

But I don’t have a 36t with wide/narrow chainrings or teeths high enough for riding without a chainguide. So this year riding in sportsclass I went down to 34t. 34t X-Monoring from Carbon-Ti on my Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crankset. Hoped to save some weight too but not as much as I did 😉

After Tour Alsace

Back home this night after some hours of driving and a last stage since I had internet last time.

Been a long week together with good friends, fast riders, cool bikes, beautiful small French villages, wineyards and mountains that I want to ride myself.

With sunshine:

Tight masters through the beautiful towns:

And great views from the car:

Almost met an old friend, missed meeting a new friend and met a weightweenie. Pictures of how it looks when a boring flat stage got really excited on sunday you can find here: Elisa Haumesser

Read about my favourite team from the race you can do here in Norwegian: Team Joker