never ending story: Helium wheelset?

Have Campagnolo Shamal on my mind for a while but started a thread on Weightweenies and asked about advice. Got some advices on handbuilt wheels with some different rims. Can be lighter and cheaper, but as good? Also took a look at Superlight Bikeparts on their wheelset with Ambrosio Crono F20 rims and Tune Mig70/Mag170 hubs and Sapim Laser spokes. 549€ and 1285g is both lighter and cheaper compared to 1425g and 662€ Shamal. They can also build it with Tune Mig45/Mag150 and Sapim Laser to get it even lighter and more aero. But then I thought again and maybe shouldn’t buy new wheels, just use my FFWD F2R like this:


Just get a Campagnolo body and some new tires for it. What do you think? If I’m just using this wheelset I can get a better/lighter crankset too. THM Carbones Clavicula M3 or is there any better at under 1000€?