2nd last ride

After rebuilding my SuperX for the road a bit yesterday it was time to ride today. With Jon Even and Pål on real roadbikes. 2-3h and came home after 3h7min, last time I rode for so long was the 20th september, over a month ago.

So a sunny ride today on some dry and some wet roads. Thought of taking a picture riding but my gloves didn’t work on my phone today so no pictures while riding. Rode to Andebu and around Sandefjord easy said and like usual riding in Vestfold I ride on new roads 🙂 Feels like it is enormous amount of small roads around here and thanks to Pål I had a hard time sometimes too 😉 Great training, good people and the only two bad things was that my front chainring didn’t want to keep the chain when riding on the two smallest sprockets on the way from Sandefjord so rode a bit slower. And somewhere in Sandefjord I rode over a piece of glass that cut through my silk front tire 😦 Just small so stopped and pumped once and then it was fine for riding home.

Here is a picture of my do-it-all bike:

And if you want to see where we rode and how fast you can see it here: Movescount

Tune Komm-Vor

A lot of Tune at the moment but hard to not blog about when you’re getting new nice parts. Today I finally got my CXsaddle and seatpost. Tune Komm-Vor saddle in beautiful yellow:


And a Starkes Stück seatpost, 27,2×340 instead of a fragile too light carbon fibre from Omniracer:


Results in a pretty nice collection. One Tune Komm-Vor in white, one in Yellow and one Komm-Vor+ in white:


Only thing that could be better is if the Tune text on the Komm-Vor+ would be in white too. Mounted the new saddle on my CX. Nice matching with my hoods:


And started the Ridley Helium build with mounting it’s saddle, the Tune Komm-Vor+ (wheels just to get it straight):


Will cut the seatmast 4,5cm and fork 8,5-9cm. Good weightsaving.

White brake hosing

Today I took my Flash to work, a bit different riding a 2kg lighter bike with lefty 😉 But nice feeling. Have had a package of white hosing for my front brake laying at work for some time and thought I should mount it before I forget. And as the weight weenie I am I shortened the hosing a little too, but haven’t checked the weight difference. Result look like this:

Only missing with for the Xloc, anyone know if I can get it somewhere?