training and am motivated

Thinking of this makes me want to be fast:



How it can look when winning the biggest CXrace in Norway. CX Tønsberg last year when Lars Petter Nordhaug won. I’m going racing this year but not in the same class. But will watch the elite. Will be my first CXrace this year (will do 2 more in december) and I don’t want to be last so need some training 😉 Found a new nice place to ride today, around Orrtuvatnet in Fyllingsdalen, Bergen. And also found another place I have to try some day.

Pretty good training but no running today. Thought of racing when I rode to work this morning to, didn’t take my time to pump the tires so rode with around 1bar. So soft, and so fast over the pavé at Øvregaten, like floating and you can just pedal as hard as you want 🙂 Soft tubulars and low pressure is king. That’s when you understand why you ride tubulars.

Map and graph of my training today: TrainingPeaks Fyllingsdalen

XC with my SuperX?

The local mtbclub was going out to Åsane and riding the XCcourse that was in Continental Cup earlier this year. I and John with his SuperX joined, but John didn’t feel so good after a crash so was heading home before we came out to Åsane.

I started the ride with going up Fjellveien and watching down on the beautiful Bergen to get some extra training time:


Found a new small road down that wasn’t made for cantilevers 😉 Out to Åsane with a easy pace. Then it started, the ”real” training a small singletrack first that I think I hit my rear rim on a metallwell in the ground but was okey. Then a little asphalt before the technical started. A small singletrack with to much high grass and then a small waterhole that I fixed but couldn’t go up the steep hill afterwards so had to get of. Then it was better, some roots, a little up and down and impressive how good I can ride on my CX in that ”wrong” terrain. Had some problems with a tight turn and some roots but great grip on climbs, on rocks and could enjoy it a little. 🙂 Also tested the tiregrip on a off camber dirtclimb, not so good when it is like 50° camber so hit the ground. The course was ending going down some steep stairs that I didn’t do, didn’t want to puncture.

So a easy first lap so everyone including guide. Then a old school picture by Lina, edited by Mikael:


And as we were at a school a nice schoolphoto by Thor:


on top: Jarl Andreas, me

on bottom: Thor, Mikael, Lina

in the front: SuperX vs. Stumpjumper

Then we should do a lap more but didn’t last so long for me, think I punctured in the beginning on the first singletrack so tried to get some pucnture spray in and some air while the others rode.

Then we went home a bit longer way first and ended with up Munkebotn before being back in Bergen. Me and Jarl Andreas up together but I pushed on some extra gears in the end and attacked, perfect place to put in an attack and good for the heart rate that went with a rocket to 189 😉

Thanks for the ride

Map & Graph: TrainingPeaks Åsane


Clouds came, riders went

Not a very good day training today. Started with riding to work and half way half of my chainring disappeared, here what was left on the crank:


Had one chainringbolt that was a little loose that I thought of tightening at work but didn’t get that far (6-7min cityride). So what to do, all chainrings at home so tried the cool thing some people talk about. Rotor Q-Rings:


It’s heavier (double?) and has a teeth extra (39t) but looks pretty serious. And felt the difference directly when pedaling, in a good way. Was supposed to ride with two friends today but as the clouds have come back and the ground got wet again they didn’t feel that good 😦 Maybe not because of the weather as we rode together last monday when it was raining a lot but but.

Wasn’t that motivated and didn’t had the legs to train seriously either so rode for a short ride up Munkebotn, down on other side and around Eidsvågsneset putting some extra power up the easy climb in Eidsvåg. Felt nice with Rotor rings, but not that good with 2bar in the my tires and riding on asphalt 😉 Map & Graph here: link

If you want to buy Rotor Q-Rings we now got a great offer at the store I’m working at, half price on what we have in stock: Sykkelsenteret