Swedish autumn

Riding on trails full of leaves. Dry gravelroads with colourful trees:

Thinking about summer and beaches:

Dreaming about big houses next to a lake:

And having a fika at the best café:


Had a nice autumn ride with Emile yesterday as you can see.


Including the too be famous #EmileShortcut:

We drank a bit too, Etixx you know:


And finally we found the light in the darkness:

We ended up on gravelroads where you just have to push a bit extra. Rode asphalt for the fika and tried how good cyclocross is on rocky trails. The only thing we really missed out was riding on big roads with a lot of traffic. But that’s okey 😉 It took us 1,5h too meet the first car on a road. I’m impressed how good gravelroads there are just outside Stockholm 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

My Crux 4 you

My cross season is over without a single cross race. But there is still time for you to race on a great raceready bike 😀


Specialized Crux E5 bought 16th September 2016 (same as 2017). Size 54
Specialized Expert alu bar 40cm
Specialized 90mm stem adjustable between 13° and 21°
Specialized original alu seatpost (not even mounted yet)
Specialized Toupe Expert saddle
Sram Force 1 brakes, levers and rear derailleur
Shimano 105 11-32 cassette
Shimano Dura-Ace chain
FSA SL-K BB30 crankset with a new 42t Sram Force1 chainring (not pictured)
Novatec 38mm carbon tubulars (1500g)
Challenge Grifo 33mm tubulars

If you want I can send you the Fabric bottle and bottle cage (on the picture) with.

Sold without pedals and under 8kg. Just add pedals and race

Price: 15000SEK for you my readers

New tubular day

Having a bit of a cold so no Le Peloton today. But rode early to work to finish the gluing of my own wheels as the ones I borrowed from Patrik was going down to Gothenburg on the winning bike, deserved better than me. Impressive that me and Patrik fixed one cyclocross bike each for a World Champion the last two days 😀 Love my job sometimes.

Got a pair of 38mm cheep used carbon wheels that was lighter than expected:

The weights are with some glue and tape on the front wheel. Glued a pair of Challenge Grifo tires and the result looks awesome if you ask me:


Forgot to check the weight before I left from work today so will do that tomorrow morning and update this post.

What do you think?

Langevatnet CX-style

A day free and good weather. Perfect to try a new place to ride at. Me and my mum was walking at a place called Langevatnet some weeks ago, a nice area with a lot of small gravel and forest roads. Perfect for CX was my thought.

Me and Steffen (on a mtb) rode and tried today. Found some nice roads:

me too:

But then we also found some bad road. A really muddy place first where I better grip than I thought I should have and managed a short steep rocky climb afterwards. Felt like it was better grip with my 34mm Challenge Grifo tires with 2,5 bar then my X-King 2,4″ on my Remedy, hmm.

Followed a road that became a singletrack, ended up here:

Not good for riding a CX or even a mtb 😉 went back and took another way and found nice singletrack (for mtb) on the way back.

Rode a bit on a new gravel road that was really nice down from Langevatnet and took the asphalt back to Tønsberg. Great place to ride to if you want to ride a bit longer and train for a marathon race example. Laying on a hill to with a climb steep enough to make 38-25 to hard gearing 😉

Back home and ready to wash my bike, was a bit muddy:

Laatste ronde: Fanafjellet

Was supposed to ride with Leif today and started so but after around 15min he punctured his rear tyre 😦 No extra tubular tire so pumped it up and turned around home. Would had been nice with two people on Chinese made Cannondale carbon frames, XX1 chainrings and 11-speed with handmade tires riding together with the best German saddles on the market 😉

Riding alone isn’t as fun, specially not when it’s pretty windy and you want a rider to hide behind sometimes. Rode out to Fana church and then to the wall. When I was at around 30m over the sea and the mountain in front of me is over 200m. 1,9km fight with 34-25 and I was up. Last time I rode up that way was on a light roadbike with Petter and Roger a perfect friday evening. That training was super.

Up on the top it looks like this looking back:

IMG_20140126_121016 IMG_20140126_121023


Then down on the other side. Think it’s the best way to ride. The way I rode from north is steeper but with great view and a bit shorter. Then cruising down the longer way is much nicer than ride and ride and ride up it. Rode all the way to the sea:



And then up the second climb of the day. Søvikvegen which is a pretty straight climb from the north, that is better from the south. Tried my brakes on the way down and Avid Shorty Ultimate is really working, specially with Campagnolo levers so you get good grip 🙂 Satisfied with that combo.

Came outside OS, ate a banana and turned back home the big road with a good cycling path. Cruising with 34-12 in the wind for a while until I came to Vallaheiane. The last climb of the day. Took it pretty easy up but got a personal record anyway, slow riding last time 😉

Then back home feeling a bit tired but satisfied with the ride even that I had to ride alone.

A fun thing today was that I climbed up Fanafjellet at 10min0sec which isn’t a super time with 35mm cx tires. The one with the record (riding for Team Joker) is Odd Christian Eiking at 5min1sec. Almost half the time, and then I think he had a heavier bike than me. Impressive. If you want to see where I rode and still not following me on Strava you can find it here: Movescount

wind+bad legs=like tailwind

Was thinking of going out to beautiful Skjelanger today but very windy outside and riding for over 2h back home in headwind wasn’t what my legs wanted. Maybe I will ride out there next sunday. The end is a small great road with great landscape surrounding. Really like to ride out there, only sad thing is that is the same way back home.

Today I rode to Åsane and out the the Nordhordaland bridge before going home a long the coast. Too windy sometimes so don’t think the forecast with 11m/s was so accurate, except the direction. Wind from east so after passing Åsane and going the long ”straight” road to the Nordhordaland bridge was awesome. Riding along with my heaviest gear 38-12 without pushing any limits and felt pretty good for a while. Stopped before Salhus and before my feelings changed too much to take a couple of photos. First the Nordhordaland bridge in the background of my SuperX, northern Europe’s longest floating bridge what I know:



and with me trying my new helmet and being warm in my Assos fuguJack 😉



Then the legs stood straight out, the wind loved me and I had to use my lightest gear more than once on my way back home. But when I came to Eidsvåg and should ride up it was great with tailwind again. Usually want to ride over 20km/h, today I was riding at 26km/h and that with 35mm CX tires with just 3bar in them 🙂

Back home checking Strava I saw that i was faster half a year ago. Rode the same ride at 6 in the morning with my Evo 12min faster. Not extremely much faster with 7-800g lighter bike, 20mm higher rims, 13mm slimmer tires and 12 tooths more on the crank. 😉 (using same cassette). The ride today: Movescount

New CX chainring

Last saturday I complained on a too small chainring on my Cannondale SuperX. 36t is great for XC but not for road cycling. Thanks to that a friend sent me a message if I wanted to buy his 38t. Of course I wanted as that was my plan before but didn’t prioritized it. So today he came by my work with this:



Like 11g heavier than my 36t, or around there. Anyone knows the weight of a 36t XX1 chainring? Will be great no matter for me, make it more usable. We’ll see when I try to ride with the pro’s again. Mounted on my Superbike:



A free sunday without much rain is perfect for riding a bike. Thought of riding around 3h with my SuperX today but when I woke up I didn’t feel for it all. So changed my mind as I was alone and rode the other way up to Hjortland to try a gravel road up in the mountains. Legs felt like crap without power but maybe my training shows why 😉 2 weeks since last bikeride.

Anyway, got up, even when it was hard standing and pressing all I could on 36-25 for a bit. Great with 34mm tires with grip then 😀 The road ended like this and I turned:

IMG_20131201_105038 IMG_20131201_105048


Back down and tried another way down to Åsane. Should go to make a proper CXcourse at Flaktveit school I think. Then home but going up Munkebotn to get some more training. Great power with my Avid Shorty Ultimate too, best cx brakes I’ve used. Specially with Campa levers that fits my short hands great.

Map and stats from today, with 45m to low altitude stats: Movescount