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A couple of pictures from the race in Svelvik last saturday. And you can see on the first picture how much I liked the course there 😉

A much nicer thing is this:

A friend is selling a set of really light and most beautiful roadbike brakes ever produced (except the ones tuned by A2J). THM Fibula.

You can buy them for yourself or you could sponsor me a bit so I can buy them. Up to you, Add is here: Weightweenies

Same guy is also selling a matching crankset, THM Clavicula

snow, – and a enjoying life on my bike

When it’s cold most people change tires to studded  or just stay at home like people seemed to be doing today. I’m using good plush tubulars so I just lowered the pressure and took of my bottle cage and went out.

2,2bars was perfect for riding today, asphalt and snowy roads. Like this:

The brakes didn’t touch even when they are in the closes mode, good stuff full of snow. But the things that didn’t work so well today was my aluminium Recon cassette, the snow stuck to it:

Skipped a bit the first way around after changing gear before the chain got proper grip. But rear derailleur worked like always even full of snow. The other thing I can’t recommend anyone is to ride with roadpedals in snow. At least not time RXS. Never had any problems with Crank Brothers in snow or mud but it took me almost 10min today before I got clicked in with my right shoe. And I thought of road wintershoes, no way.

Nice ride otherwise and the weather just got better and better. Around 2-3 minus Celsius. And coming back to Bergen center and looking at home on the other side:

Blue sky now. And soon time for CX in Roubaix. Good life 🙂 Map and graph of the day: TrainingPeaks Snow

Ending with a picture for Boonen’s CXrace yesterday won by Zdenek Stybar and for 5th place, Peter Sagan. Riding with classic bend and on a 2012 Cannondale SuperX like me:



Westcoast winterriding

2° Celsius when I left home this morning in new red pants that I got from a friend yesterday. Should be meeting Tom at Boa at 10 a clock but when I came there it was just some BCKcyclists. A couple of riders with roadbikes that didn’t seemed so smart as it was a bit icy on some places. Then came Tom and the BCKpeople rode one way and we rode another.

Rode on some new roads for me including passing Alvøen and then out to Sotra for a nice ride. A little under 0° Celsius on some places but good day for riding as it wasn’t so much wind, no rain and pretty same weather all the time. Small twisty roads as far west you can get in Norway was really nice. A good way to start a sunday on. After Ågotnes on the way back to the mainland we had this view:

Easy spin in 4h made it a week with over 10h training, 1h alone, 9,5h with nice people. Good life.

Map and Graph of the day here: TrainingPeaks Sotra

And soon Superprestige CX in Gieten, livestream as always here: Sports-Livez Will Sven Nys continue to dominate?

515g crank, 6,9kg cx, 38t prototype or just a sick SuperX

Sold my mtbwheels and gave the handlebar I borrowed back to the owner, no more mtb this year. So why have a light, stiff and great looking crankset laying and collecting dust when you can use it on the bike you use. Changed my 36t chainring from Experimental Prototype for a 130mm BCD spider and a 38t chainring from Experimental Prototype. Shouldn’t use heavier parts than needed. 461g except the 54g bearings and rings in the frame:


As I don’t have chainguide for my bike I used the front derailleur but took the wire of. Haven’t taken the parts out from the lever yet, maybe I will do it later, maybe not. Happy about the result and weight at under 6,9kg with not that light high profile wheels:


Training tomorrow, will be nice, and good to be back on a single chainring again. Would had been nice to use a XX1 chainring and don’t need a chainguide, would it work on a CX with Red rear derailleur?

CX training and found a course

After work today me and John took our SuperX bikes and looking for the perfect CXcourse in the centre of Bergen. First of to the park of Nordnes where we found a little but a bit to compact and small. Then Nygårdspark where it seemed really nice. Gravel, asphalt, a lot of grass, a hill, a couple of nice wooden bridges where you have to have good tires and a bit more. Came up with a course that seems pretty nice but not so long, around 750m (missed a part on my gps) and 3min in 80% speed. Nygårds CX on the Mapd and Graph for today: TrainingPeaks CX

It has a tree where you should run over, a water to ride around and over a wooden round bridge, maybe a stonepath if it’s not full of ducks and people. got an idiotic stair (tight and some running afterwards) and a climb that is just mad. Had to try it first just seeing it and thought, this will never be rideable. And it wasn’t in that place but we placed to course under a tree so a bit dryer and I got up once.

So now just gather some people and ride, and maybe get the course even longer (many possibilities). Also rode an extra part but was just along the water and then turning around. Except on the way from Nygårdpark we tried to ride on a small (too small) beach that ended with to even more wet cyclists that had to get out of the water. The beach was too small so had to ride in the water.

So even if it’s raining, is wet and not as warm as in Sweden or more south you can enjoy riding a bike here. Thanks John for that 🙂

Result of the the day, grassy brakes:

Tune Komm-Vor

A lot of Tune at the moment but hard to not blog about when you’re getting new nice parts. Today I finally got my CXsaddle and seatpost. Tune Komm-Vor saddle in beautiful yellow:


And a Starkes Stück seatpost, 27,2×340 instead of a fragile too light carbon fibre from Omniracer:


Results in a pretty nice collection. One Tune Komm-Vor in white, one in Yellow and one Komm-Vor+ in white:


Only thing that could be better is if the Tune text on the Komm-Vor+ would be in white too. Mounted the new saddle on my CX. Nice matching with my hoods:


And started the Ridley Helium build with mounting it’s saddle, the Tune Komm-Vor+ (wheels just to get it straight):


Will cut the seatmast 4,5cm and fork 8,5-9cm. Good weightsaving.

Lucky training session :)

Shouldn’t be any rain this morning and as I don’t start to work before12 it was perfect to try to get in better shape. At 9 I sat on my bike pedaling north to ride up Munkebotn. Rode up once and thought of how nice landscape it was and autumn weather (know it’s spring) so when I turned around on the top and rolled down I stopped a couple of times to photo it

Not all of the climb but some of it:

When I was turning around again to go up another time it came some hail, but it stopped pretty fast so didn’t change so much. Second time felt faster up, probably because I knew the turns better. 5-6min second time when I didn’t do the complete climb and around 170 in heart rate. Then I continued and went downhill to Eidsvåg. Put on some pressure on the pedals again up the long climb from the ocean and then it came. The wind, hadn’t thought of that but tried to take it a bit easy but got an extra sprint to get up a small hill.

Topped it with a hard sprint up the last climb before going down to Sandviken again, managed to get up in 187 in heart rate and felt pretty good.

Nice training but maybe a bit short warm up (living to close). 46min and 151 in average heart rate if someone cares 😉 If I do this or more a bit more often maybe I can be a little fast this year too 😀

30min after I came home it started hailing, so lucky with the weather today, or well planned by God.

winter is here :)

A couple of minus, snow and a lot of wet salt roads. Cycling and talking about races, travels, bikes and food. then you know the winter is here. 4h 14min riding today, with 4 others, a calm 140 in average heart rate but with a max at 186 when I tried to attack on Roger up a hill.

Low average heart rate because it mostly looked like this:

Roger and Linea in the front and I’m behind someone testing my Mavic Infinity jacket in the winter. Linea with ”new” clothes representing here new team. With us was Tom, a new guy for me and the photographer and the guy arranging all this nice rides. Here you can see Petter in his new club clothes, going up to the second best looking clothes in Norway:

Back home I took a photo of my snowy but very good working winterhorse:

10,1kg (except snow and bottle) good bike. 🙂


World Championships and some training

Today is the real world champion day, women elite at 11 and men elite at 15. Look at it here: Sports-livez

I will miss the women’s race as I’m going out cycling but hopefully I can see all mens race. Changed handlebar for a 60cm flat New Ultimate yesterday and mounted a pair of nice Extralite Cyberends and some comfy bar tape 🙂