Le Peloton #123 and Malmöcrossen


My friday started with these guys, got dropped in the first climb when my pedal wasn’t with me. Changed plans and rode to work, changed pedals and then to Le Mond. A short Le Peloton but okey as I met up with Emil and rode a couple of hours in the sun after breakfast 😉

Beautiful weather:


Home, a shower and a bike delivery later I met up with Damian and Magnus and drove to Malmö. I may tease that Skåne is a foreign country and that the people from Skåne isn’t Swedish. But it’s just a tease and the more I’m there, the more I like Malmö. An alternative city with creative people that like friends, but not meat. The atmosphere is just awesome and many good restaurants all over. Hanna showed it to me first and Patch showed me the rest 🙂

And this weekend CK Barriär arranged Malmöcrossen in 2 days:


With maybe the highest hills of all Swedish cyclocross races.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend 😀



Started the day on Djurgården with some great guys going round, round and round. If Le Peloton is a Team Time Trial, Morningspinz is more like a Criterium.

First lap was okey but got dropped on the last straight. Second lap got better but dropped before the last straight. The third and last lap I almost got dropped a bit before but hung on and got Emil’s wheel. The thing with Emil is that he doesn’t turn off but just keep pushing and while Simon, Klas and Mattias dropped his wheel I hung on. Headwind but still it was superhard to sit on wheel. Thought I had to pass him and started to sprint, felt really hard but I got some speed. Until I passed him and got out in the wind, just said boom and while laughing at it it felt like I was standing still (46km/h). I got the sprint and felt like waste.

Then we had coffee and cinnamonroll 😉


Map and stats: Strava

A lot at work and then I took my bike to Skepsholmen and watched the Crit, great racing in the middle of Stockholm 🙂


Klas on the picture chasing, impressive to both ride Morningspinz and then Stockholm Cup on the evening after work 🙂

Was fully kit in the new Torch kit for the Olympics from Specialized today, finally clothes in size XS: