Pictures from the weekend

The weekend is over, the racing is over and a big THANK YOU to all the people who made this awesome racing in Stora Skuggan, Stockholm possible! Let’s do all we can to make this event bigger, better and more spread to all the non cyclists too.

Here is some random pictures from women and men elite race and some from the Men 40 yesterday:

CX with La Chemise

As the cyclocross training in Sköndal changed to an earlier time due to the darkness I can’t join them. But I can join La Chemise going at 18.30 from Cykelcity and so I did. La Chemise is Stockholms answer to Jönköpings Jönköpings CK except it’s not open for anyone. But their trainings are.

Rolled in after work and then we rolled back towards the forest and riding the Le Peloton CX-loop. Met up with some other and became a big group. Background fact is that for almost 10 years my idol has been Fredrik Kessiakoff. Riding with style and was a weightweenie going fast for real. Now he’s not racing anymore but riding for fun and he was with us today. A guy that get respect for real and deserves it 🙂 Fun to have seen him on distance just before and now be able to train together, at least in the beginning.

The beginning was hard as I thought but I was there hanging on. In the first climb I dropped Kessiakoff and got passed by one guy but was still hanging in there. Going downhill a little and then you take a shortcut onto a singletrack with a couple of roots to get the closest way to an uphill. A shortcut that always goes well except today. Came to far out to the left, hit a big thing and my front wheel disappeared, went down but not to hard. Fast up again and let the guys behind me away and got back on my bike. Bent brakelever so had to stop after that uphill and straighten it.

Rode alone for a while until I got company from 2 others. A little later from another guy so was 4 guys riding the Erstavik loop together and it felt good. Hard but manageable. Went well until we came back on the bumpy road and went a bit uphill. Dropped a bit there but was able to chase back. Did the end in front of our group and pushed what was left in my legs.

Hard but good and really like to ride fast with others, having a hard time to go hard alone. met up with the rest:


Awesome test of my new shoes to. Felt good all the way and only thought about them once while I tightened them a bit extra. Just have to be able to push the little extra to hang on the first (or 2nd) group. Pushing limits 😀 At least I got some personal records today so really satisfied:

Map and stats: Strava

Cold enough to wear my long sleeve jersey from Café du Cycliste today too, important to look good on a bike:


Sköndal CX and the 1st World Cup of 2015/16

My day started bad today, slept to long so missed the women Cyclocross World Cup race in Vegas, just woke up to see the last 4 laps of the mens race. If you too missed it you can watch the replays here:

Started the working day with rebuilding my tubular front wheel with the right spokes, planning to finish it tomorrow and hopefully the rear too. Was raining today but when I quit work the sun was shining and I went straight to Sköndal some irl cxaction. A bit too much action as when I came there they said 15 seconds to start. Took of my backpack and clicked in and the race was on. Slippery after the rain but felt pretty ok and those training sessions is so good quality.

1st heat went ok, 2nd I thought of skipping the last, 3rd I got a good start but dropped to the same position as earlier and was the last rider doing the 2 laps. Checking my watch now my lap times was around 30 seconds slower than usual. Thinking of resting instead of Le Peloton tomorrow…

But was a nice group after all heats:


By Birjer before the last heat:


It’s fun with a standing training like this and where everyone can join no matter how good you are. 2 girls joined for the first time today and seemed to have fun too 🙂 Every cyclocrosser is welcome no matter which club the ride with 😀

Map and stats: Strava

On the way home me, Birjer and Joel stopped and washed our bikes Pro style:


same CX

2 weeks ago, my first CXtraining on my Super Crux 😉 It was heavy and with Terra mud tires. I was new to the CXcourse. Did laps around 5.30.

Today 2 weeks later with 640g lighter CX, faster tires with Tracer in front and Trigger rear on a course that got some rain on and with good grip (mostly). My laptimes are the same 😦 the starts where better, everything felt better. Rode 3 heats with 2 laps each as earlier. The 3rd heat ended with a sprint with a guy behind my that wanted to pass but never came past, was really hard but fun.

Today we also rode with chips to secure places and be PR0 😉

As usual I think I was the fastest with clinchers 😉 maybe that’s the problem. I need tubulars to go faster. And I need to find my CXpedals a.k.a Eggbeater 4Ti.

Maybe you will get more pictures from today as we had a guy working as crowd, starter, race leader and photographer 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Stockholm CX, Fidea Jaarmarktcross and USGP CX

The champs won todays CX race in Stockholm, Åsa Erlandsson in women and Magnus Darvell in mens race. But hard to follow live outside Stockholm.

A race that was easier to follow was Fidea Jaarmarktcross in Niel, Belgium with a cool course and muddy mud. So hard you had to have 11 gears to get to the podium today. Maybe that’s why Bart Wellens missed it and ended 4th before 2 french riders. Niels Albert won with a great attack on the last lap at the climb he failed some laps before. He had 22 gears. Second is my new favorite (missing Stybar) Bart Aernouts.

Never liked him when he rode for Rabobank but now riding for AA Drink Cyclocross Team he get’s some colour in the race and got nice style. Also I saw on this picture that he use just a single chainring, not so many pros doing that. But you can also see that he like the other podiumguys got the new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070.

Third was Sven Nys also with 22 gears. So podium full of new Dura-Ace Di2. Well done sponsoring and getting it fast on top 😉

Nikki Harris racing for Fidea won the womens race.

So ending with what’s coming up. USGP Cyclocross race at Derby City Cup. Will Jeremy Powers dominate and will Gabby Day take her first victory? Rapha showing it live for us: Rapha stream