Basemile Snowdown

If you the recipe on a great weekend you will get it here:

  • Gather 15-20 great cyclists
  • Rent a castle (or a house next to it) somewhere in the middle of nowhere
  • Arrange a car to take the cyclists bags to the castle
  • Buy food, cyclists like food
  • Go ride there on friday, a nice ride on saturday, back home on sunday

CK Barriär and Velonode did this with some help from Rapha and Oatly this weekend. It was white, was magic, really fun and sometimes like you thought ”what am I doing here”. When it comes to the end, riding bikes and spend time with friends and great people far away from stress and big citylife is awesome. Thanks Hagen and Emil for this!!!

Started in Södertälje 2 days ago:

Rode to Rockelstad castle in fading sun:

The place we stayed at:

An epic shortened ride yesterday, takes time to ride in snow and sun goes down a bit to early:

And then we went back home:

The tourguide and my best German friend, Hagen:


Except beans and my frozen cassette today this is the best way to spend a winter weekend on. Everything is never perfect but the it has been fun. If you missed it, check @ckbarriar on Instagram for the weekends best pictures.

Pictures by Rille and Max that includes me:

Le Peloton #17

Some days are better than others or my Belgium trip made a difference. Woke up and got ready this morning and rode to Urban Deli for Le Peloton. Took a shortcut on a bit of gravel too, missing Belgium 😉

Many fast cyclists as usual and I thought of joining the 2nd group to ride the shorter lap and to be able to keep up better. But the 2nd group today was different from when I caught them some weeks ago. It went pretty fast and I was just up and did my job around 5 times.

Went fast and I got dropped up the climb to Hellasgården but got help from Nicolas and another guy who also got dropped to get up again. Hard to keep the wheel in front until Älta and the pace slowed down a bit. Around a loop I never ridden (always took the shortcut) and then the fast roads to Skarpnäck. Between Skarpnäck and Enskededalen where the Le Peloton course ends I went up to the front once again but was dropped pretty fast afterwards with my legs standing straight out.

47min and 28sec which gave me a 6th time on the 2nd group Strava segment. The group should keep 32-34km/h but today it was 35km/h. 😀 Starting to get a great feeling riding with speed and not just getting dropped and feeling weak, so fun to feel.

And of course, a breakfast at Cykelcafé Le Mond:

Also had changed my saddle for today. After been riding slippery carbon fibre saddles and changed to a saddle where I couldn’t slip didn’t work. A Specialized Romin 130mm on now which felt perfect. Great shape, great look and great feel 🙂 Just the weight that isn’t that great. So my bike today missing fast wheels:

Map and stats: Movescount

SCS Breakfast Club

The latest in Stockholm is now the Specialized Concept Store Breakfast clubride. Thuesdays/Thursday a mtbride before work. Timed for us working in stores so started at 8 today 🙂

Patrik made the ride and I joined last thursday. Today we where 4. Me and Patrik from SCS and Ragnar and Fredrich from Cykelcity. Ragnar and Fredrich is fast too so like last week I had a hard time. But a better time than last week, better flow and speed and felt just better 🙂 Still much to improve but great way of doing it. A technical but pretty flowy ride with small ups and downs all the time. And all a sunny morning, was great except our crashing. Everyone crashed except Patrik 😉

Sunny groupie before we headed in different directions:

Map and stats (follow me on Strava to find the Stravasegment of this ride): Movescount

This years highest topspeed!

It’s important to be happy and think positive. Today I sat on the wheel of two strong riders and thought, I will keep the wheel, I will hang on, I have too. Mental strength that ended with my legs standing straight out like on Tom Boonen yesterday.

Except he was at the finishline and I had 1h40min left. But a bit before I managed to get a new topspeed for the year. Nothing to brag about as it only was 52,6km/h but it’s at least something to be happy about 🙂

Rode out to Ingarö this weekend to, but instead of wet rain and water everywhere it was almost dry and really fast. Pretty much wind too. Was okey to sit on wheel in the headwind but when we turned and it became tailwind it was too hard for me so rode the last part alone.

Fastest time to work today too with 14.46, like 3-4min faster than previous record. But also got the slowest time on the way home. The wind says a lot.

No picture today as I had enough with keeping the wheel in front of me so just some map and stats: Movescount

Funny to like cycling when every muscle wants you to stop and take the bus or like last weekend when it was so wet I was freezing after just 15min of the 4h45min ride. There is something magic about the misery cycling can get you too 😉

Le Peloton #13

13th Le Peloton for me today, and it’s not my lucky number. And it wasn’t the amount of riders either but close, year record with 12 riders today:

One on roadbike, one on mtb, 2 on commuters and the rest on cyclocross. rode the same round as last week but hopefully a bit faster today as I had a harder time keeping up 😉 Turning up stationsbacken in the end of first loop I got dropped big time. Too easy gears as last week made me pedal a bit too fast and then a climb where people ride fast on that was a bit too much.

Rode alone and from Sickla to Älta I took the cycling path as I was riding alone and not so fast. Was good until I came to Älta and was going down to the road when the cyclingpath ended. Was an edge and my bike slipped, I didn’t. Ended up laying on the asphalt with the bike a couple of meters further down the road. From 29km/h to 0km/h and not feeling so good. hit my leg and arm and got some small scars, that broke my lovely wintertights:

Also scraped my levers a bit but otherwise okey. Continued with a bit lower pace to Lemond. Was going okey until I came to the café and sat down, 😦

Have been walking slow all day at work but surviving. Planned to ride home after work but remembered that it was the yearly meeting with my cycling club, CK Valhall so ended up at Lemond again for dinner 😉 Best thing with the meeting was to met my friend Bang who I haven’t met for over 4 years 😀

Map and stats from the morning ride: Movescount (crash after 1h)

Cross sunday

First training in Stockholm today and what a ride. And Stockholm isn’t so big as it can feel when you see it on a map.

Today I was supposed to cross the city to come to a place called Stora Skuggan and do a training race with some others and it is pretty easy to find the way from here. Specially when I caught up with the race organizers Fredrich and Birjer half way 😉 They sat out some small cones when we came their and I talked to some riders that came.

Did a master lap and the course was really nice. Mostly grass, some corners, a bit of mud but in general pretty easy. Suited me and my lack of skills.

The race went pretty good even that I was far down in the field. Lost some place and gained some. Jesper was the man of the day and lapped me the 2nd last lap. Then I got lapped by 3 more on the last lap and almost got caught by the guy behind me, but made it 🙂 Pumped my tires to 2bar before I left home and took some out before the race, think I took a bit too much out as I was bottoming out around 5 times in the race. Never had so low pressure in my Specialized Tracer tires before, but was great traction and floated over everything 🙂 Would guess around 1,1bar rear and 1,3 in front or something.

Jesper also took some pictures, like this of me, Tony and Robin:

Changing clothes and talking after the race:

And then the most important thing, a swedish fika (coffee and cake) on the local café.

Back home through the city with more traffic and got to wash my bike at Fredrich so came home with a pretty clean bike 🙂 Great start of the day with great people.

Map and stats here, the race is lap 3: Movescount

Ronde van Nøtterøy

Blue sky and sunny autumn. Perfect for a nice ride on some new roads on Nøtterøy, rode all over the island 😉

Autumn on the cycling paths so great with CX tires today:

Found the way to the sea too

Really nice ride in easy pace. Changed for my Sram XX1 crankset with a 38t chainring today so no chaindrops or problems, just to ride 🙂

And with a swedish view:

around 9° Celsius and sunny was really nice to ride in, perfect autumn day. Perfect last ride in Norway too just enjoying the creation 🙂

My ride: Movescount

Chrono des Nations and CX-Cup Bærum

The biggest first. For the first time in 8 years a continental rider gets on the podium at the time trial Chrono des Nations in France that was finished an hour ago. That rider is Reidar Borgersen, racing for Team Joker 😀


1. Sylvain Chavanel

2. Jérémy Roy

3. Reidar Borgersen

Click on the image to see it bigger.

Earlier today I was racing my last race living in Norway and probably last CX race of the season. Bærumskrossen. Great weather but with a lot of sticky mud, looked like this afterwards:


Ended 7th of 10 today.

Lene Byberg came and won Women elite.

Here is some pictures from men elite who was won by Fredrik Haraldseth.

the arena:

Team Joker’s Truls Engen Korsæth:

use of a tree:

a Lillehammerrider with a Cyfac CX:

dangerous downhill in mud:

the climb today, would be cool to have stairs there 😉

Riders going around and round and round and…

Haraldseth carrying his Crux up:

Korsæth not liking the climb 😉

Ringrike rider with a SuperX:

this guy was really fast up here, is the Evade making difference even running?

Henrik Alpers with his Black Cannondale SuperX:

Fredrik Haraldseth winning:

CX-Cup Grenland

Today i was racing again. CX in the forrest with small crowd and a course that was far away and with a lot of uphill. Theoretically you go the same amount up as down on a CX lap, but when running (read: walking) a long way up once and a bit twice it’s feels like the course is more up than down.

2,94km with a time over 11min is not so fast. Had a great fight with a girl the last 2 laps, I was faster walking and she was faster riding so she won. But always nice to see someone or be chased by someone.

Ended 4th so no podium for me today, Jon Even who was driving the car to the race today (and last saturday) took the 3rd and last podium spot.

Map and stats from today where you can see how big the course area was: Movescount

Racing at the same time was Women Elite. Katrine Ferrao Hofstad who won in Drammen last sunday took the win today too, in front of her team mate Tiril Hole Mohr. Jeanette Persson 3rd but missed the podium:

I missed the men elite podium as it was water on my phone and I couldn’t take a picture 😉 5-6° and raining when they raced. Winner, like in Drammen was Fredrik Haraldseth looking like this:

That’s how fast his Specialized Crux is 😉

2nd was Kristoffer Sommer Wormsen and Morten Vaeng 3rd.

Same winners like last sunday but very different courses. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow in Bærum. at Norway’s cyclocrossarena. And if you’re not racing or cheering at a race you can watch the CX World Cup from Valkenburg tomorrow 😀

Will get a better phone/camera in 2 weeks and hopefully you will get better pictures to watch here 😀