riding and cycling caps

Friday evening and no plans=bike riding. Rode with a friend in the sun this evening, great thing to ride a roadbike in good weather in the evening, almost as good as riding early in the morning. Only thing missing was a classic bike like the new one I’ve found. De Rosa Corum:

Steel, custom geo, Campagnolo. But is it classy enough to be compared with a Colnago C50?

Anyway, now Movescount is back on track and I can share a map and some stats to prove I’ve been riding today: Movescount

Cycling cap

Read a nice discussion a couple of minutes ago on cycling caps on the podium. Nowadays most riders use a baseball cap on the podium, wannabe baseball players? What do you think? OPQS with Tony Martin knows how it should be with a proper worn cycling cap:

Deda Campione

I got a Deda Newton Shallow for my cyclocross. I got a Deda Superleggera for my roadbike. One classic, one light. In the middle we got this, Deda Campione:

Should have been 189g but that was old school Deda weight so wasn’t even close 😉 But this is the first part for my new project for next year. Couldn’t resist when I found it really cheap only used once. Which stem is classic enough, good looking while still be light to match this?

too long for now, or just good for me?

One of my bosses has a training target to get better than me. I have a target to not let that happen 🙂

And today I had road riding on my ”schedule”. Need some power and endurance and in the forest here it’s always like 1,5h riding and always turns and things that makes you restart a bit. On the road there is just a road, and here around there are many roads. Many small roads going everywhere and without long steep climbs. Today I road a bit like I’ve ridden before but in another composition. Stopped to look at the map and took a selfie 😉

Went south and thought a bit of riding to Larvik to get like 3h. But almost after this picture I met a guy, Trond I think he’s name was and we rode together. He was going to Sandefjord and I felt that maybe I should ride longer with a bit better preparation than a day at work and not so much food before so joined him and rode through Stokke on the way home to not just ride straight north. Had to stop in Stokke for some food, that shows how used I am to ride over 2h now. Sad.

Was a time in Bergen when I didn’t have any problems riding 4-5 hours. Aiming to get back to that. Riding technical singletrack on mtb and loong rides on road. Riding for a long time through nice landscapes with friends is really fun and the best you can do on a road bike.

2h22min today so not so far but still ok. Map and Stats: Movescount

Also thought on the ride today about future plans. Thinking of getting a Colnago C50 or something really classy with Campagnolo Chorus, classic bar, Mavic Ksyrium SLR tubulars and so for next year. Classy great build, with great ride quality and just begging for ride more often and longer 🙂

On the other hand my Trek Madone 6 is the best road bike I ever have had. Really like my position, really like how stiff it is, how good it rides. And the Kammtail tubes with flat rear is really cool. The fork feels super and like the feel of it, so thin and feels like it’s almost not hollow 😉

The third option is to get rich and get one of these new beauties, Colnago V1-R:


What do you think?

old school beauty

With road bikes now it’s a lot of talk about: Aero, weight, disc brakes, strange bottom bracket standard, integrated brakes, ISP, sloping and so on. We know a lot of them are very good things that we all appreciate and like. But sometimes it’s just too much. So in a way a Ferrari F40 is so much cooler than all new supercars with got the bikes that is so much cooler. Newest Colnago c50:

Or even an older Colnago C40:

The C40 is still carbon but so old school and so traditional. With a simple Campagnolo Chorus group and a low profile wheels it’s so right to ride all the time. Is there any more beautiful frames?