Eurobike #2 MTB

There was 2 mtb that I will continue to talk about after Eurobike.

First we have a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC, 120mm back with a Pike in front, a proper AM bike made for everything:

In carbon or in Rocky language MSL.

Race Face cockpit like always on Rocky Mountain, suits well:

no small axles and bearing here, oversize deluxe:

The top of the line Thunderbolt MSL is the 799. XTR Di2 get’s the price up to 9999€

Lever where you have to press way to long to shift, opposite of the road Di2 shifters:

BH Lynx in carbon and 27,5″:

A Massi fs XC with Magura electronic damper:

Orbea XC fs for 27,5″:

and hardtail:

Open, Lauf fork, AX-Lightness, THM Carbones M3 and so on:

The lightest mtbstem on the market? AX-Lightness rigid on another Open with Lefty:

American Classic carbon mtb wheelset:

Giant found the colors and put them on a Anthem 😉

The enduro from Canada. Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL BC:

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 750 MSL:

Rocky Mountain Element, xc fs 29″:

Julien Absalons BMC:

Tune Skyline with Ryde rims:

Haibike top of the line xc fs with Bike Ahead Compsites wheels:

Their Greed hardtail with Bike Ahead and Rock Shox RS-1:

Nino Schurter’s Spark 700 with a 38t chainring in front, strong guy:

Manuel Fumic’s Scalpel 29 with 36t chainring:

Cannondale Trigger Team, should be every AM rider’s dream I think 😉

Remy Absalon’s Genius with XTR Di2, expensive Enduro

Corratec 65mm XC fs 27,5″:

Mondraker Podium 29er, supercool:

Ritchey Integrated mtb stem and bar:

And here we go, Cannondale Flash 29er was way to high for a short guy like me, never thought of it even when this year’s Teammodel is really nice and good speced. So when they announced a model with lower front, better (is it possible?) fork, stiffer rear I had to check it out as fast as Larry was ready with an interview. Starting from the bottom. Big axle Lefty Carbon 2.0:

much better hosingmount on the protecting plastic and not so easy to break:

Lower distance between clamps (38mm(?)): and made it possible to ride shorter stems than 85mm:

The bike:

Except the fork it looks pretty normal, like SuperSIX Evo with nothing special. But a lot underneath. Ready for Di2:

moved drivetrain 6mm to the right, same spokelengths on both side (heard in München) and 60(?)% stiffer:

The chainring clearance with probably the most customizable crankset that still works after 13(?) years:

Still the same OPI stem (miss the old SI):

Maybe you could have thought that this was the other (with RM Thunderbolt) big thing but it’s not for me. The thing that was bigger is AM, Enduro, XC and underestimated frame Liteville 301. 140mm or 160mm rear travel with a super linkage and able to build it for your type of riding. Like a XC rocket with a 27,5″ wheel rear and a 29er front with a Rock Shox RS-1:

Or more Enduro with a Formula 35 fork:

Standard enduro with a Pike and 27,5″ on front too:

Normal BSA bottom bracket, (even still for e-type fd) with a big hole for Reverb Stealth or KS Integra dropper post:

a bit odd hosing for the rear brake, with a PMmount for 180mm rotor so no need for adapter. Syntace X-12 axle:

48xx€ for the build with RS-1 seems like a lower price than before too so not overwhelming expensive. High end alu made in Germany.

Ending this post with some nice parts. Ryde Trace rims, seemed good and think I will build some wheels with it this winter:

or should I go for tubular with the new Tufo XC6 in 2,2″?

Everyone is talking about XTR Di2. Yes it’s new but not as cool or good feeling like Acros A-Ge: