Powder cycling

When I lived in Bergen, Norway there wasn’t any proper snow to ride in. When I before that lived in Huskvarna, Sweden I only rode on roads wintertime. Not like today riding with cross country skiers on the same paths and on some really cool snowy trails. Felt all different than usual. Martin showed such skills he missed the photoing so on photo’s I got the fast Patrik:

And Fredrik on his fatbike riding powpow:

Me and Fredrik discussing Patrik’s riding skills:

jan snow1

And me crossing a huge river :p

jan snow2

Really fun and just crashed 3 or 4 times 😉 Slippery underneath the snow but soft to crash.

Also got the years first and hopefully last puncture, strange.

In the end some pictures from the beginning before I met the others. Went up a hill got a couple of pictures of Stockholm:

Not so fast today: Movescount