The Diverge!

It’s the same every year, next year I will learn to not aim at cyclocross. Today I sold my cyclocross and got a bike that is made for my dreams.


Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon. Was supposed to be a Comp DSW but I work at the best store in the world, Specialized Concept Store Stockholm so it became a Comp Carbon 😉

Compared to my Crux this bike is 15mm shorter, 10mm lower and made for comfort on long bad roads without so much mud. It has Shimano 105 and it’s really smooth.

Normally it has alu parts but that’s no fun or cool so this is a bit rebuilt like my bikes tends to be. But more S-Works than usual:

Toupe saddle, 36/46 chainrings and of course a 40cm wide handlebar.

The bike got cool hipsterthings like a metal plate with the name on:


So how about the ww-ism on the bike then.


Think that is okey as it’s around 9kg out of the box without pedals and bottle cage.

Felt soft riding home in the wrong clothes. Specialized Stix lights is keeping it safe:

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.


First time we have Velothon in Stockholm and what a benchmark event. To be able to ride safe on closed roads in the middle of Stockholm is awesome. To be able to ride a super course and then see the pro’s do the same things afterwards is cool too, they ride a bit faster.

The start:


Through Stockholm passing the castle without cars 🙂

DSC_1007 DSC_1005 DSC_1004

Almost at work 😉


Was riding with friends a co-workers a bit. Hard to be together with big groups and me and Magnus a bit stronger than the rest of us. We dropped them at Årsta Havsbad and after going easy for a while after Ösmo we decided to stop and wait in Nynäshamn. Rode together up to Sorunda, attacked with a couple of guys from Haglöfs up Kessiakoff’s climb, it’s easy if you’re not attacking 😉 and after been waiting for the others we ended up in a small group in the front who rode away. Was around 7 guys going around for a while but when we came back to Stockholm we where 5 left with one a bit more tired then the rest of us. Was magic to pass the traffic on safe closed roads through the beautiful town.

Was really tired in the end and when I noticed we had to go around Gärdet and Kaknästornet instead of straight to the finish I was more tired. In the second last corner I went in the front and then it was full speed to the finish, last straight was full speed for real and hoped to be first in our group but Jonas from Haglöfs passed me 😉 Fun sprint that killed my legs. Me, Jonas and Magnus after finished at 5h11min official time:


Map and stats: Strava

170km and it felt good, the distance was never a problem and thinks that all my long riding makes a difference. Learning by doing so to speak 🙂 Fastest of the amateurs was Nils Penton and Eva Lindskog, two pelotoners 😀

Fun day in the saddle representing Specialized Concept Store Stockholm and after some food and talking it was time to watch the pros:


Marko Pump – Adria Mobil won ahead of Daniel Hoelgaard – Team Joker

Me vs Tony Martin

Both ride Specialized, both rode hard today. The small difference is that he put everyone else behind him on todays Tour de France stage, I was dropped so most riders in front 😦

This morning I took cycling clothes on with the thought that I maybe will ride after work. My Allez got a proper wash some new grease and oil. Was supposed to fix it on friday but forgot about it and then it was too late.

Today I met a friend at work, Birjer who said I should join the club training after work. Weather was good and I knew I would suffer to ride with them as they ride fast. Good training and not some middleway training just riding along like Camilla thinks I’m doing.

Stepped out from work and met the others. Many riders with some spreading between fast and faster guys. CK Valhall is a pure racing club and I like it, like Jönköpings CK I was with earlier. You always know you will get good training.

Rode out to Länna with a pause and then it began. Before:

Then it went fast, very important to sit right, not doing anything stupid and be strong. I had a hard time but worked pretty okey for a while, was even up in the front once. Fell through the group in a climb once too but didn’t got dropped. Got dropped a bit after when we turned into another rode and up a climb. Was okey in the climb but after I was cooked and alone for a little while. Then we became a grupetto with two other guys riding together back to Stockholm:

A hard but good evening. Managed to keep up much longer than I thought and far from beeing dropped first 🙂 Hopefully it will make me a bit stronger and a bit better in the future too 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Ending the post with a very describing picture from todays Giro Rosa byt Cyclephotos:

MTB and the New Daily

It become a long day, a full day, a warm day, a day that started with mtbiking with Jaime before work. A great ride on nice trails. Starting to get really dry now so both sections with mud and sections where it’s so dry it’s hard to get enough traction. Jaime with SCS Racing Team style:

Me in my new commutinghelmet. Got a Specialized Centro instead of my Prevail to use for city riding. Fluo of course to match my shoes 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Then at work, before we even opened it came. My new commuter and daily bike. As my last awesome Daily Sport was stolen and it was sold out I had to look for something else. A little more expensive Daily with 3-speed Nexus is the new thing:

Awesome rack as before and just out of the box except the lock and some bolts. Great bike which I already used for almost 30km 🙂 Thanks Specialized Concept Store Stockholm and Specialized Nordic for this 😀