The love of cycling

An old boss once sad to me about cycling people: ”If you’re not a cyclist you only ride for a couple of years”. That’s about the people who found cycling as training just and no interest in the history, the sport and the culture. Then there are people who ride bike, for commuting or just regular transport that doesn’t care about it as long as it work.

Then there are cyclists, people that know the culture and understand that cycling is so much more than just riding a bike. Like this:

reasons to love cycling

A thing that takes people from cycling to other sports is triathlon, a sport with just focus on performance and nothing or very little on style and things around. And get people thinking that running is so much more time effective than cycling and swimming inside is warm and nice no matter how bad the weather are outside. But there are also triathletes that got style, and it seems like triathletes got the best looking bodies that are fit.

Triathletes also got strange bikes with strange things on. But in a strange way no matter how much I don’t like triathlon I love working with triathlon and time trail bikes (good ones). Those are the bikes you can tweak the most and where the user gives the mechanics challenges. Sometimes it doesn’t look so good but today I finished a bike that looks pretty good (if you like black). A Specialized Shiv Pro with Sram Force22 and Zipp wheels:


Are you a cyclist? What do you like triathlon?