Ösmo for the pancakes

The options today was an epic gravelride west of Södertälje or a caféride from Le Mond to places like Ösmo. As the weather was really wet yesterday and riding with guys without fenders on wet gravel didn’t seem like an awesome idea for me, so slept a bit longer and left for Le Mond.

Like an early caféride the level is very random early in the year we lost a guy already when we left Stockholm city who thought it was too hard. Left was 6 riders who tried to stay together but with some with studs, some with summer tires, some have been riding all winter and some not it became gaps and waiting sometimes. All as a regular early spring ride. But funny (I thought who didn’t get dropped for real) and I’m happy doing rides I haven’t done in a long time.


Kalle rode strong with studs and Karim was happy with his Roubaix roadtires 🙂


I rode with colour. My new Specialized Deflect H2O gloves was awesome. And I saw the light all the way 😀

Was great weather today with around 6° and my Café du Cycliste rainbibs and legwarmers held my dry and warm all the time. Didn’t even needed a windproof west today.

But all good things comes to an end. We got split in two groups, Kalle started to talk about breakfast and that he was tired. My stomach started to question about food. Michael held the speed up. Because we came to this:


Came to the café in Ösmo 10min before the others and could make our bodies happy again 🙂

Then 3 guys took the train home. Me and Michael rode the hole way and Karim joined us for the first part to Tungelsta. Great ride on a sunday and now I know what to order at the café in Ösmo 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #73

New day, new ride. Today I was supposed to show Camilla the loop and did so the first half. Then she didn’t feel good and turned back so was just me and Jesper (?) left in the grupetto. Took the shortcut in Älta and caught up Michael at the end. Not my hardest ride but good enough for today and ready for the weekend 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Also got some more colour on my Diverge. Looked like this after the ride today:


And now after bar tapechange (and drop of almost 80g):


Couldn’t resist when I saw that purple Deda tape last wednesday at ettettsex bikeshop 😉

Silverback Scalera

Sometimes you can feel that it’s just to many bikemodels on the market, and many of them looks the same, same features and maybe same frame, just different paint and price depending on brand. But you can also find the odd, cool bikes. Like Silverbacks new Scalera and specially the topmodel Scalera Pro with Shimano disc brakes:


Look compact and straight. Made for better aero but not with to much materials. Toptube is really flat and a sleek look with disc brakes. Frameweight around 1000g isn’t so special but like it. What do you think? You can watch Bikeradar interviewing Silverback about it and their 27,5″ mtb here:

different frames or same frame?

Here is the bikes. Kyklos and Ritte Bosberg. Is it the same frame with different color or is it two different frames? Meaning mold, model so size and this isn’t one frame that has been repainted so you don’t think that. Both frames around 900g and has BB30 crankset:

So come on and give me your answer. If anything is unclear or you want to comment one of the frames, write a comment and give some life to my blog. Thanks