The national style

Read a blogpost about cycling getting too hip with a lot of do’s and don’ts and with a big step to get into a closed group. Not so familiar if you aren’t correct and not consuming the right things. Things that differ as you sometime should have a clubkit to fit in and sometimes a clubkit is the last thing you should have…

I’ve learnt to appreciate style in different ways. I like when people care about how they dress and look. No matter which style. I like people being different and them selves rather than just following everyone else.

But there is always a certain style and people in different regions/countries dress in certain ways.

My point is I saw some pictures at Café du Cycliste and it really breathes France, not Sweden, not Italy, nor U.K. French style according to me is proper, clean and sometimes a bit old fashioned but straight lines and they aren’t afraid of using soft colors. Not bright screaming like Italy. But like this:


Who would dare to produce bibs in blue, green and purple with matching legwarmers? I like it but not sure if I could hold up a pair of purple bibs, or?

Amalie Dideriksen!!!


One of the worlds best sprinter, Kirsten Wild with help from the best national team seen in Women’s World Championships, The Netherlands got 2nd spot.

They chased down the breakaway, set up a pace with Annemiek van Vleuten that made it hard for many to keep up with and they delivered Wild to just finish it.

But it’s easy to go too hard, too early and from nowhere the 20 year Amalie Dideriksen passed even without electronic gears and aero helmet. Was awesome too see and I recommend everyone to watch the replay and see how a bikerace on a boring track without spectators should be won.

Congratulations Amalie Dideriksen, Denmark and Boels-Dolmans!

1. Amalie Dideriksen – Denmark

2. Kirsten Wild – The Netherlands

3. Lotta Lepistö – Finland

4. Lizzie Deignan – Great Britain

More about it here: CyclingTips and Boels-Dolmans

The Worlds and the Specializeds

World XCO Championships in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic this week. Ida Jansson, Sweden won the women juniors race yesterday and today it was the Special day.

First men U23 where Samuel Gaze rode his Specialized Epic so fast so Victor Koretzky couldn’t keep up with his BH.

Then Women Elite and it looked a bit as the 2 earlier World Cups this year. Some who tries to put the tempo high in the beginning and then Annika Langvad decides it is too slow. She won the last World Cup last year, she won the 2 first this year and she is the new World Champion!!!


So right she won. Hoped she would because Danes got cool style and she got the class. Annika Langvad and Julien Absalon is what I think the role models of XCOracing.

  1. Annika Langvad – Denmark
  2. Lea Davison – USA
  3. Emily Batty – Canada

Bundesliga Saalhausen!!!

Bundesliga is bike, not world cupbig but still big. Alexandra Engen has ridden well in U23 before and Emil Lindgren made some good places too. But this day, what a day. If it is any race I really missed that I didn’t see live it have to be this day. Swedens new day in Germany 🙂

If we start with the worlds number 1 ranked rider, Jenny Rissveds. She won women junior.

1. Jenny Rissveds

2. Veronika Brüchle – Stevens Schubert

3. Majlen Müller – Fujibikes Rockets

Fun to read that she won but it’s not so big if you look at her season, just good. And the big new hope for Swedish MTB. Will Sweden be fast like Norway was with both Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå and Lene Byberg?

Then the elite. First women with a blessed win. Alexandra Engen won! Second in the picture:

1. Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team

2. Anja Gradl – Team Bulls

3. Annika Langvad – Fujibikes Rockets

Impressive to win with riders like Annika Langvad. But muddy race and I know that Alexandra likes it. Very happy with her win like this before Worlds. Was talking about it over dinner, before next thing.

Men elite, the other Swedish prorider Emil Lindgren also likes mud. But on paper harder to win with many strong and fast riders. But he won too!

1. Emil Lindgren – Rabobank-Giant

2. Ralph Näf – Multivan Merida Biking Team

3. Michiel van der Heijden – Rabobank-Giant

6. Manuel Fumic – Cannondale Factory Racing

3 swedish wins in a big race in Germany. Really good news and fun to hear. Hope it will continue so I am staying updated 😉 Olof Jonsson came 2nd in the Men U23 too 🙂

In BMC Cup in Switzerland Nino Schurter and Annie Last won the elite races.