Drömkåken replay

Had in my mind to do the 200k Brevet from Östertälje yesterday but I got an offer I couldn’t refuse and had to work to solve it so no big ride. Rode big today instead with She Rides.

Gathered at the Swedish Museum of Natural History this morning we rode to Upplands Väsby and met up the rest including guides 😉


Rode together in the headwind towards Drömkåken:


And had a little fika 😉


And talked about Vätternrundan coming up in 2 weeks.

And then we rode home 😉 or after like 30km we got split into two groups as one where going back to Upplands Väsby and we where a group going back to Stockholm. Our group got great speed after that split and it felt good 🙂

Pushed on some extra after I left the others at the museum. It’s a nice feeling when riding for over 170km and you got power to just accelerate and ride faster 🙂 My bike was really inviting for it too 😉

Map and stats: Strava

She Rides to Drömkåken

Christ went to Heaven, we went to Drömkåken. Thank God for life.

Free day from work means cycling and when it’s great summer weather in early May it had to be a long one. Plan was to ride to Drömkåken with some She Rides Ambassadors and it all started at a museum:


Met up with Ann-Sofie and headed north to meet up the rest. Met up Pia who was today’s awesome guide. Magic roads and great speed, great group. Met up with Noor and her friends at Vikskolan and then the adventure started after 40km:

After a little more than 60km more we came to Drömkåken where I was more focused on coffee and cake than on pictures.


Only picture, of my awesome Specialized S-Works Sub6 shoes and Gelatosocks that really suits me.

There I also met a couple of friends, but just the best looking of them (sorry Håkan) on picture:


Linda rode with Stockholm City Triathletes and rode a shorter route before they continued to Uppsala.

We rode south towards home instead 😉 With a stop where our group got split into two



Great to ride with Noor again. So different but so matchy today with Evade helmets, Jawbreaker glasses, She Rides clothes and Specialized Tarmac bikes 😉

3 left going on a super road, small roads that goes a little up and down in the middle of nowhere is so nice to ride on.


Left Pia in Täby and me and Ann-Sofie rode back to Stockholm again, a long day in the saddle (a good saddle) but with soft tempo so after I got left alone and crossed the central Stockholm I rode some more bridges to come up to 200km 😉 The stats you know. Stats here: Strava

And ending with a idolpicture you can print and put up on your wall. If you meet me I can sign it for you 😉