Testing testing

The review of the Cannondale Slate is up and almost all good. Not perfect gear, as it would be 50/36 – 11-32 but except that check this out:


There is something with testing other things and getting a perspective on what you have, want, need or just dream of. Like when I had a Trek Remedy 9 in 27,5″ a couple of years ago and then tested the same in 29″ and found out that 29ers wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’ve been ridden some different bikes now and I like to feel the difference. So when one of my best friends said I could try her Pinarello Dogma F8 it seemed really fun 🙂 Not a big Pinarello fan but they are so special you got to try one to get yourself an opinion. Like this:


A size too small, but not so off. Before I stepped over this yesterday Trek Madone 6.2 2014 was the stiffest bike I had ridden. The F8 is stiff for real, happy to be trying Vittoria Corsa in 25 too 😉 The F8 could also be named F1. Fast handling without being nervous, no worries. It lacks a bit of comfort but Pinarello got other bikes for such things.

Rode Älgö Deluxe this morning with it and while being dropped I couldn’t blame the bike, was just me with heavy legs after sunday 😉 The Specialized Power saddle is really great too, just fits. Riding with 10-speed Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 for the first time was a bit difference from using Sram Force, supersmooth gearing and small nice levers.

maybe should write something about my Tarmac too some day, found out of the best thing with it today

Le Peloton #18

Continuing the trend from wednesday and love the spring riding. New Peloton today and new wheels for me. Had to try.

Not as many riders today as on wednesday:

Rode all together first then it ended with 4 groups. 1st group of 4 riders did the big loop with Fisksätra, me and 4 others did the 2nd group ride and turned up Saltsjö-Duvnäs climb after sitting on the wheels of first group until that moment. Then there was 2 riders behind taking the shortcut in Älta. And 2 guys riding the CX loop.

Wasn’t going around all the way today but a bit better than on wednesday and the group did work pretty good sometimes but maybe a bit too few riders. Funny was that the fastest bike in our 2nd group was my friends Eskil’s old bike 😉

Even got a picture from the ride:

Was going around on the last straight and in the small uphill before Enskededalen I was in the front, no one came and helped so put the pressure at my maximum and got first with many meters at the Enskededalen sign where the segment ends 🙂

Great morning with a big loss of riders going to Le Mond for breakfast. Only 2 of 5 riders from our group and 1 of 4 riders from the first group did eat a proper breakfast. Missing the important part 😉

And now back at work and got a picture of my bike today the new Shimano Dura-Ace C50 wheels with Vittoria Corsa SC tyres 🙂 Super stiff and felt fast 🙂 Much easier to maintain speed.

More about the wheels this evening.

Women elite World Championship 2012

Went today, finished 5min after my phone lost its reception between some mountains. Hoped for Emma Johansson but my second hope won. A women that know how to race a bike, how to show that she is better than everyone else and not only once. She won the Worlds before on road, she won some CX Worlds, some on Track and latest the Olympic road race.

The winner and worlds best road racing women is: Marianne Vos


She deserves it and I wish I knew her and could gratulate here in real. So impressive.

Jeremy Powers won the first USGP CX in US, don’t know who won the women elite.