Engage the lightness

There is something with chasing weights that attracts me. I’ve never been rich enough to just buy the lightest parts but always found a cheaper way to build light. My Tarmac is at the moment just awesome, but not light. Maybe have to do something about it. Until that I remember the old light times and thinking of AX-Lightness, b-t-p, Extralite and Tune:


The EVOlution part 2

Bought a set of bottom bracket cups at work today. PF30 to Campagnolo Ultra Torque, not the best solution if you read about adapters and PF30 but I like my Super Record crank so had to try. Cannondale and Campagnolo is always a nice combo too. Some small adjustments and waiting for a seatpost so not finished yet but looks like this:



Looks like the handlebar is huge on the bike when it doesn’t have a seat and seatpost. But just normal Deda Newton Shallow handlebar in size 40 c-c. What do you think about it? change for black hoods? 😉

brake shoes, many different options, but which one is best?

A bit over a year ago I wrote some about EE brake shoes, Corima and THM Carbones. Since that it happens a lot. Old post here: EE Brake pad holders, lightest?

And still. EE is light at 13g for a pair (95€ for a bike):

And THM Carbones is lighter with 9g for a pair (118€ for a bike):

But also very expensive. So is there more options. Cheap and light is KCNC with 12g and 47,8€:

b-t-p is always lightest with 12,5g including glued on brake pads, 78€ for a bike:

Engage got a pair, 53g for a bike including brake pads at 29€:

Also in the same league is BBB. Look at this brake shoes, almost the same as Engage:

Don’t know about weight for BBB

B-T-P also got a more normal set to use with normal brakepads, 12,5g for a pair of shoes and 129€ for a bike including brake pads:

AX-Lightness got a set in carbon at 12,8g and for 87,5€ for a bike with brake pads:

also got 14g alu shoes that is sold without pads for 60€ for a bike:


And we always got Tune, made by B-T-P including Yellow Swiss Stop Flash Pro. 13,5-14g for a pair of shoes, 167,5€ for a bike including brakepads:

Forgotting is Ciamillo that I would like to see as they use Campa brake pads instead of normal Shimano standard.

After choosing brakes there are many different brake pads. Just talking about pads for carbon rims as that is what interests me looking for it. Weight for 4 pads:

Corima at 8g

Normal cheap cork (Planet X I checked) at 18g

Reynolds blue at 24g

SwissStop yellow at 32g

SwissStop Black Prince at 33g

Big difference in weight. Some think the Corimas are good, others don’t. Cork is nothing special. Got a pair of friends who liked Reynolds and I’ve tried them once and thought them were very good too, a bit softer than yellow SwissStop. Yellow SwissStop is good but can be a bit hard and doesn’t work with for example Campagnolo rims.

My dream would be THM brake shoes with Reynolds pads

What do you use, prefer, dream of or have tried that I have missed?