Cannondale Scalpel Si 2017

It was rumors about a new Scalpel this year as the last one lacks some things. And now at Cape Epic it’s being raced on for the first time:


Space for 2 bottles:


Not the best picture but lowered in front to work with new Leftys:


A redesigned rear triangle with a new shocklink and a more tucked in rear damper. Also got internal routing


Curious on the official news and geometry. Will it be as good as the upgrade from Flash to F-Si?

The NEW Cannondale Scalpel?


Eliflap shared a picture of this from a German forum that got the picture from a Czech website.

The news I can see is that it’s made for the new Lefty 2.0, the rear damper is more tucked in to the frame (like a Specialized Epic) and the rear part is a bit different than on todays Scalpel and it got internal wiring. Will be interesting to see if they can make it as good as the transition from Flash to F-Si seems to be. Still haven’t tried an F-Si but would love to if I can sometime, seems like they got things right with that one.

You know anything more about the new Scalpel?

Santa Cruz Solo, the definition

Today we had Rocky Mountain on a visit in the store, talking about their brand, bikes, style and what they want. A MTB brand. And thought about that, with people. I can only say I know 3 mtbikers, 3 different people and riders but they are true mtbikers. I’m not, just a wannabe because mtbikers are the coolest. Look at Marco Aurelio Fontana, Nino Schurter or why not a women rider like Alexandra Engen. We don’t have to hope that they leave mtb for road or something else, they won’t (and no, I don’t know Schurter or Fontana). They are mtb. But is there any other brand than Rocky Mountain that is breathing mtb? Yes, Santa Cruz, more brands I don’t know, do you?

Rocky Mountain has it’s Altitude that seems like a perfect bike for All Mountain but to much travel for me. Cannondale got a Trigger that is more racing but with perfect amount of travel, but too small wheels. When I was thinking of an All Mountain bike earlier I wanted 650b (yes I tried it), around 130mm of travel, a wide flat bar, 1×11 or 1×10, not enormous discs and as usual a great weight as I’m a weightweenie after all. Ended up with build a Liteville 301 as I got one for a good price.

But if you can’t you should look at this. Santa Cruz Solo with a high-end frame, 125mm travel, 650b, some nice specs, awesome colours (Liteville is plain boring design) and did an awesome video with the DHiller Steve Peat in Scotland:

If you like it, or just curious and wants to know more, you can look at more pictures and read about it here: MTBR

1003g, Ronde van Drenthe and sub 6kg Evo

Thought of putting my Scalpel together and give you some nice pictures and weights. But it takes time gluing so you only get a wheelset on scale together picture:



Even heavier than I sad yesterday by a gram. But I love it and my second wheelset built. Or, built one wheelset, 2 front wheels and changed rim on one wheel before. So not very experienced yet.

To more experienced we have Marianne Vos, was testriding a climb some weeks ago and today she attacked in that 16% climb. Watch some highlights from todays Ronde van Drenthe here:

And ending this evening with a 5,9kg Cannondale SuperSIX Evo with Red, but Ultegra cassette and some other parts. Nice bike but dirty hoods wasn’t that nice: