Le Peloton #114


I got impressed, so late of the year and still so many people. Kudos to all of you coming to Le Peloton 😀

I had a borrowed bike today, so three Peloton in a row with different bikes 😉 Never had a bike that got so much attention on a single ride as today. Rode an Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS


You may say what ever you like about the stem and brakes, but it will pass you. Never ridden a faster bike that feels so tight with nothing loose or soft. When I tried the Pinarello F8 I said it was stiff, this is rocket fast.

My legs wheren’t the best after yesterday evening but I was able to pass the group and go up in front any way. Didn’t go around 100% but I never done that before either. With a 53 teeth ring on front in Nickel Boron I didn’t find the limit.

Going up Österviksbacken or up to Hellas felt better than I thought, not as snappy as my Tarmac but the cockpit is so stiff so everything you push down goes out to the wheel.

It was still a super hard ride but I felt the aero advantage. And I saw the power for the first time as it has a Quarq powermeter. Was fun but not awesome to see that my legpower isn’t even 😦

Map and stats: Strava

Ended like this, full house at café Le Mond:


first and this picture by Magnus

And company with matching Gelatosocks:


Le Peloton #111, GP Hasse Mård and Lotto Belgium Tour


Autumn is here and people are sleeping… Not so many today, just 7 riders started in group 1 and 6 finished with one taking a shortcut. Nils and a guy from Valhall made the rest of us suffer this morning, wasn’t any record attempt but had to ride hard as we where so few, great training. And a while since I rode in the red zone for so long so many times 🙂

Trying sockdoping again to gain some more speed:


Map and stats: Strava

And while I’ve been working there seems to have been an awesome final stage at Lotto Belgium Tour. Annemiek van Vleuten is back after her crash and after winning the first prologue she won todays stage too, with over 1min 😀


She won the race overall too 😀 Awesome!!!

After work I went up to Hellasgården where the first race of the Stockholm CX Cup was held, GP Hasse Mård. Cheered and got motivated to ride too:


Henrik Jansson and Ingrid Kjellström won. The Kangas brothers did the best barrierjumps 🙂


Le Peloton #109 and Morningspins

Forgot to blog yesterday about the peloton. Or the time ran out and I thought of it while laying in bed 😉


A lot of people keep showing up week after week. Will they continue over the winter too or when will people put their bikes on trainers and stop coming out?

The ride was hard, I was weak but tried to keep up and take some turns at least.

Then we had breakfast and Rille took this beautiful shot. Love this group of people sitting outside a café in a big city and can enjoy anyway. Big city life in a way with riding people who doesn’t live in a big city can understand:

lemond 2016-08-24

Map and stats: Strava

And to continue about Le Peloton. Watched in the catalog from Douchebag at work and found Marika riding in the Peloton kit 😀


If Le Peloton is a team time trial it was time for intervals this morning with Morningspins. Flat out for 10,8km x3 with sharp corners and strong guys. It’s another mentality and I really like both. To go flat out, maybe get dropped and then people wait for you before the next lap. Such short laps makes it easier for the mind to go over the limit and push to the max.

And ending with a Swedish fika, a.k.a. coffee and cinnamon roll:


Map and stats with a lot of nice PR 😀 Strava

Le Peloton #105

Today it was a guy winning the sprint in Enskededalen with Shimano 105, suitable for the headline 🙂

A bit moved meetingpoint as they was recording a movie at Urban Deli. But more colors with Eva and Fredrik in the new Le Peloton kit 🙂 opposite of my blacked out Evade skinsuit.

The new Swedish champ (M40-45) Rille took pictures before we left the group behind us:


Rille likes to be in front at Järnvägspizza and I sat on his wheel. Looked back and it was empty. Rode a bit together until the rest came like a rocket and passed us 😉 Gave a bit of confidence being able to distance the bunch. And I don’t know if it’s my skinsuit that is as fast in reality like Specialized says or if it’s just placebo. I always ride faster when I use it and even as I wasn’t able to help with the work all the way today I was able to keep up, hang on and take some turns.

It was fun 😀

Map and stats including a long breakfast and a trip to La Chemise with Emile: Strava

Le Peloton #103


Back to basics today. A bit strange to say but we were not so many today and was very few keeping the pace up in the first group. Kudos to them. A smaller group with strong riders make suffering bigger and rest smaller. I did as many turns as I could but suffered a lot and throw up a little in my mouth in Älta… Managed to hang on and take some more turns, fun going fast as I usually says.

Ended 6th in the sprint behind the strong Nils Penton which I didn’t wanted to pass. and 2nd best time so far, I didn’t believe that as it felt like the peloton slowed down a lot both in Fisksätra and Älta. But we also missed the redlights which can make a big difference.

Breakfast at the summer place, Magnus Johanssons bakery in Hammarby Sjöstad so closer:


Map and stats: Strava

See you next Wednesday 🙂

Le Peloton #101

We all need some connections and be together. Today it was my 101st Le Peloton and it was Elviras 1st 🙂


Vacationtimes but still over 60 riders today. Awesome to see so many up so early to go so fast. And today it was fast. Many strong riders and I had pretty good legs but only a 46T chainring in front. It worked much better than I thought and was good training for my cadence 🙂

Ended up with setting a PR on  the official loop with over a minute averaging 42,9km/h including to stops on the 34,6km loop 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Then we rode through south Stockholm (pic by Johan):


And had a super breakfast in the sun, so worth the riding:


I’ve got in love with my Specialized S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit for these rides and as it’s all black it feels like I need to make it a bit funnier with funny socks. But in my favourite book (Sort kaffe & hvide sokker) the socks should be white. White thin and awesome Café du Cycliste socks to match my supernice Sub6 shoes today:


In perfect length 🙂 That’s important.

Le Peloton #99

This morning I remembered why I’m not a fan of riding Lanterne Rouge Tuesday evening, my legs wasn’t what I hoped for. Not as many riders as before gathered:


Heard they were more in group 3 than in the first group. Why is people so afraid of being dropped? Like I said to a friend at work today. Rather getting dropped in the first group while trying than having an easy ride in group 3. Le Peloton is about riding as hard as you can, pushing your limit.

I took some turns in the beginning but then it was really hard just to hang on. I tried a couple of times but didn’t make it all the way. Aimed to keep the wheel and advance if someone started to drop.

Managed to stay in the peloton but wanted more. Then we came to Söder and it was a chaos with roadwork 😉 Took a different route to Le Mond but finally got there in the heat.

It was hard but the breakfast made up for it. And great people made the breakfast long until I rode with Linda to work. With very heavy legs, was quite a while since my legs felt so heavy. 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #98


Vätternrundan is over and maybe some stopped riding their bikes. But not in Le Peloton. Awesome group today with a lot of fast guys, really fast. I felt tired after a Sumo after work yesterday and not even 5h of sleep. But Aero Is Everything they say and my Evade Skinsuit helped me 🙂

Adam, Rille and Magnus got some great pictures. When we started riding it felt pretty good, I knew many of the fast ones and knew where to be in the right moments. Was in the front a bit, as much as I managed. At Storkällan after the climb there it was a small group that got a gap, I felt good and thought of while not being able to drop I others I can drop myself attacking up to the group. I came halfway just before the others caught me, but we got up the first ones at the next roundabout.

It was hard today but a lot of riders so places to rest and far to fall after being in front. The funniest was almost at Skarpnäck where I sat behind Joakim in the fast lane and thought why isn’t he just passing the first one. He did and then I tried to do the same, felt impossible 😉 but was saved by a redlight. Pushing limits is fun and getting closer to be as stylish on my bike as Daniel. Great with rolemodels when you want to get better and keep on trying and doing your best.

Did I mention that my Tarmac felt awesome and I got a PR on the route? Just have a look here: Strava

Ended the day with an after work ride to Älgö with Camilla and Peter. Was tired but love riding in the sun with great people 😀

Le Peloton #90

Felt a bit tired yesterday so wasn’t sure about how fast I was able to ride this morning. But got some help:


A lot of fast riders today, one of the Adam Stenman with a camera on his seatpost. Great pictures from today 🙂

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

And some stats: Strava