Huge parts sale

Everything in SEK but can send all over EU

100kr each:

Experimental Prototype 50t 130mm BCD
FSA 36t 110mm BCD
FSA 38t 110mm BCD
FSA 52t 110mm BCD
light bash för 42t 110mm BCD
Stronglight 42t 130mm BCD

200kr each:
Cannondale 29/44 incl spider for Hollowgram (94mm BCD)
FRM 27/42 (spider for Cannondale Hollowgram)(no picture)

300kr each:
Carbon-Ti X-Monoring 34t for Cannondale Hollowgram
Sram XX1 32t

Better price if you buy many, 50kr in postage


Sram X.7 2×10 triggers 200kr
Sram flatbar brakelevers 100kr
Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm stem, 25,4mm barclamo 250kr
Bontrager lock-ons (new) 100kr
Aerozine 27,2×250 (or maybe 270) seatpost 200kr
Aerozine 31,6×400 seatpost 300kr
plastic seatpost shim 34,9-31,6mm 50kr
Experimental Prototype carbon seatpost 34,9×400 400kr
Maxxis 27,5″ mtb tube, 50kr for 2

Send me an e-mail if you want to buy:

2h48min riding, then car back home

A little more than 1h52min yesterday and today I came 54min from home aiming for Esso forrest and another one at Barkåker. South swedish type of trails here but closer 😉 Some nice singletracks and really liked my bike. Was riding along the sea on a rocky singletrack when I heard something break. It felt strange and I looked down. My spindle in the crankset broke and the crankarms changed position when I tried to pedal. Result:



Like to optimize things and save weight but sometimes I wish I was just mainstream and used parts that works all the time. Trusted this spindle from EP but it failed anyway 😦

My ride today that was supposed to last more than double the time and end riding back home: Movescount

back to heavy Sram XX1 crankset tomorrow

B.O.R. goes EP style

There is always places to improve a product. If you like the look it’s time for looking at the inside. A big difference between cheap and better carbon fibre frames is the inside, more expensive frames are empty and clean inside too. Or check inside a cheap carbon fibre rim.

So B.O.R got some cranksets they want to make later and are testing a new prototype spindle. Alu in the ends and carbon fibre in the middle. Same as Experimental Prototype is making.


Will be interesting if it comes in production and how much the weightsaving is. A new nice blue lockring for it too. Will it save as much as half of the original weight like Experimental Prototype does with spindles for Hollowgram?

Totland with Leif and some CX

In Gothenburg it was like yesterday. Matthas Wengelin won the mens race and Angelica Edvardsson the womens. In the Benelux countries it wasn’t the same. Grote Prijs Mario de Clercq today with Sven Nys dominating in the mud while Tom Meeusen and Kevin Pauwels crashed hard:



Don’t know so much about the womens race except that Nikki Harris won and here is a picture from Cyclephotos:



Here in Bergen I was out riding my SuperX with Leif on his Merida 28er. Tuned my bike with some red today:



But the biggest tune was that I changed chainring. 42t is a bit hard when climbing with 12-25 cassette. Changed for a Experimental Prototype 36t ring instead which suited my Experimental Prototype chainguide nicely. Great combo with a 36t today and you can ride pretty fast with it too, maybe I’ll let it be on for next weekend too. 77g is it so probably a bit lighter than my FRM ring too, have to check tomorrow.

Great ride with some wrong ways, didn’t remember Klosterrittet all but got some nice training. And in perfect autumn weather. Here is a picture on the way back with a bit of Leif:


Stats and map here: Movescount

Rolling through Bergen city in this awesome weather with an empty stomach made me stop at Bryggen for an ice cream 🙂

IMG_20131013_145637 IMG_20131013_145655


Love to ride in the autumn. Think it’s even better than the summer here in Bergen. So beautiful colors.


I nailed the Rock Garden!

What a ride. Thought of riding on Fløyen and got to ride with the best guy in Bergen if you want to train hard, my friend John. When riding with him it’s just to gear up and sprint, if you beat him once he will talk good about you for a very long time. But it’s hard as he is really fast. Had been sick and said he should take it easy today. Dropped me up Fløysvingene with his Rocky Mountain Vertex. I pedaled on in my tempo with 90% in heart rate. Met a common friend on the top so talking a bit before riding for the first singletrack.

Sticks’n’Stones with John is a nightmare as he usually disappears and I have to fight to every root and they are many. But I have trained, looked and learned. Today it was me and my bike fighting together and what a fight. Awesome and even passed John for a bit but he got a better track in the end so passed me. Coming out from the singletrack with 184 in heart rate and so wasted felt pretty good. I can ride hard even in technical terrain so no my techincal skills and physical skills is at the same level. Going up to Brushytten and then burning down. Almost rode out from the road when I found my 10t on the cassette while racing against John. Fast gravel with some parts with some rocks in, just to jump over 😉 Down and then up where John flew away again. He’s fast and my Liteville isn’t the fastest uphill. But coming up and starting Fløyen Rock Garden I thought of following John’s track as he’s much better than me. But in the middle he had to stop and I passed(!). And instead of having problems in the middle the bike worked for me and nailing the that was super fun! All smiles and riding on clouds afterwards, really love to manage new things. Love to letting the bike go and work for me, love knowing that I have control of it, love when it just works. 😀

A small dhtrack to Skomakardiket and then to Stand and deliver. Love that track but some wet roots today made me slow down a bit, my Racing Ralph doesn’t have the best grip on roots laying the wrong way but worked good and stayed on the bike. Down from Fløyen on some nice singletracks where it’s possible to ride and going home.

Home watching the bike:




Stravaride with some great personal records: Strava

And for the interest if you thinking of getting a 27,5″ bike like me. Rock Shox SID XX 100mm Tapered for 9mm QR is pretty light including some plastic:


Technical training around a small lake

There is a lake like 5km from my mums place where I’ve been riding for as long as I ridden a bike in the forrest. First time with a 3-speed 20″ bike it took 2h with a friend. Now it more takes like 25min 🙂 So asphalt and gravel road to Rydal and then up in the forrest to the lake. Tight technical trail with like 50m plain ground on the a little more than 4km it is around. Except the bridges. Here is a couple of pictures from the middle part:

IMAG0704 IMAG0705


Managed a drop today that I never managed before and it’s fun to see the development time to time when riding around. Two parts on the way around I never fixed now, the stairs that shows on the first picture here and then it’s a small climb up some stones and the steep down afterwards. But fun to ride and awesome technical training. So I can recommend going around this lake, Mjögasjön if you’re close by. Map and stats here so you can see where it is: Movescount

And today is the last training in Sweden and last ride of the year I guess on my Scalpel that will stay here. Will try a climb (with more altitude meters than yesterdays) that I never managed before and ride the trails me and Jonas missed on monday 🙂

Technical training

Thought of riding CX today but rode with Fløyen MTB instead as they where going to a new place I was curious about. 6 cyclists today, 1 hardtail, not so common but got company by some DHers with All Mountainbikes. Pretty slow riding until Fantoft and then many stops around the course. Slippery, many roots, and stones. Not the best place for a guy like me but learned some and got better and better. Nice to develop. Ended with riding on BMXtrack, good armtraining but not so good with a XCbike 😉 Map and Graph: TrainingPeaks Fantoft

Rode with single chainring today too, really nice with 36 in the front except riding fast down on pavement 😉 You always got the right gear front so never have to think about it 😀 Can really recommend it.

Ending with the coolest for 2013, Formula discbrakes and levers for roadbike and Campagnolo EPS:

More about it here (Bikeradar), available for both Campagnolo EPS And Shimano Di2